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Best Places to Visit
Pre-intermediate level


This lesson is an integrated skills lesson. The students will practice their receptive and productive skills. There will be a reading activity in which the sts must scan for specific information. Also, there will two speaking activities which focus on fluency.


Abc New York City Text
Abc Grand Canyon Text
Abc Grand Canyon images
Abc Grand Canyon Questions HO
Abc New York City Questions HO
Abc Grand Canyon Answer Key
Abc New York City Answer Key

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice (conversation) in the context of things to do at two vacation spots in the USA and elsewhere in Turkey.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice (conversation) in the context of things to do at two vacation spots in the USA.
  • To provide detailed and scan reading practice using a text about vacations in the context of places to visit in the United States.


Introduction / Warm-up (Pre-reading) (4-6 minutes) • Set the context of the lesson

Begin the warm-up by showing images of two vacation destinations in the USA. (Hang images on WB) Ask sts if they know where these two places are (the Grand Canyon and New York City) Has anyone ever been there? Elicit answers from the sts: What can you do in a big city? What can you do outdoors? Have the sts name activities specifically and try to elicit answers in complete sentences. Explain the context: The lesson is about these two different places in the US. Some people enjoy being in nature, some people enjoy city life. ***Pre-teach vocabulary if necessary: river, rafting, hiking, sidewalk)

Reading Comprehension (While-reading task #1) (10-12 minutes) • To provide reading/scanning practice

Explain this activity: The sts will be given a HO with text describing one of the two locations. They are to read the text and answer questions related to the place. Divide the sts into two groups. (Group A and Group B). Give group A "New York City" text and the "New York City" Questions HO. Give group B the "Grand Canyon" text and the "Grand Canyon" Questions HO. The sts are to answer the questions from their text INDIVIDUALLY. Within the groups, divide the sts into pairs... CHECK THEIR ANSWERS IN PAIRS. (peer check) . Did they get the same answers?

Jigsaw Reading (While-reading task #2) (12-14 minutes) • Practice asking and answering questions related to a text.

In this stage, the goal is for the sts to ask each other questions regarding the other person's text. (The questions are attached to the original text). There should be a dialogue going on... Divide the sts into pairs (one person from group A is paired with one person from group B) Explain that they need to take turns asking each other questions regarding the text they don't have. For example, the person who received the text about the Grand Canyon will ask their partner questions about New York City. (and vice versa) They need to write their answers according to how their partner answered. They need to continue asking and answering each other questions until everybody has completely filled out their HO's. Remember, the goal is SPEAKING, so they are not to show each other the texts. After everyone has completed their HO's, give everyone a copy of the answer key to look at briefly and take home.

Speaking (Post-reading Task #1) (5-7 minutes) • Provide fluency practice

Within the same pairs as before, have the sts discuss which place they would like to visit most AND WHY. (Give model sentences..I would prefer to visit....because....) Again, the goal is to have the sts practice FLUENCY. Monitor to make sure sts are on task. Ask the pairs to tell the WC which place their partner would like to visit and have them give reasons. Try to elicit complete sentences (error correct when necessary). She/he would like to visit....because... For fun, keep a tally on WB which place is more popular!

Speaking (Post-reading task #2) (8-10 minutes) • Provide fluency practice

Divide the sts into groups of 3. (sound off 1,2,3 to ensure sts are working with different people). This is to change the interaction pattern. All the 1's become a pair, all the 2's become a group and same with the 3's. (if there is an odd # of sts no problem) Each group is to discuss the BEST 3 places I should visit in Turkey (because I am new here). They need to make a list and give reasons why they chose these 3 places. (ie: is it beautiful? What can I do for fun? Where is it? Is it famous? etc...) Give the sts model sentences is necessary. Have the sts talk about their list aloud to the WC. For fun, start a tally to see if the top 3 places are popular amongst the WC. If there is a destination most popular, have the sts give the T advice...(What should I bring? What should I wear? is it expensive? etc...)

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