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2nd Conditional Lesson
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS learn about the second conditional through a guided discovery involving an image of a hungry dog that dreams of being a dönerci. As a warmer, SS imagine what a canine dönerci might do. The teacher will elicit the meaning, form, and pronunciation and then present a controlled exercise to practice placing "if" and "would + verb" in different sentences. This is followed by an activity where they create sentences by examining the meaning of each phrase. Finally there is a freer activity that practices productive skills in which they practice conjugating one verb in the simple past and finish sentences by in-putting what the SS would do under certain circumstances (if I were rich, if I could live anywhere in the world. . . ). They will then practice speaking by sharing with each other what they would do.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the second conditional in the context of unlikely circumstances and dreams

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an accuracy and fluency speaking practice using the 2nd conditional in the context of unlikely situations (win the lottery, was prime minister, was blind, etc).


Stage 1 (lead-in/ elicit M/F/P) (10-13 minutes) • To introduce the lesson in an interesting way that elicits meaning, form, and pronunciation and continues the theme of food

-Stick photo of dog on the WB. Draw a thought bubble around the dog donerci photo to connect it to the first dog. -Have SS stand up and take a look at the picture. -What is this dog thinking? (he wants to be a donerci, wants to eat meat. . . ) *if no response. "Who is this?" (point at dog donerci) -What does the dog donerci do? -What does he (the first dog) think? -(I would be so happy! I would eat doner all the time, I would give doner to every dog that came by, I would gain 100 kilos, I would open another store, I would be famous, I would travel to Argentina, I would eat a steak) -Elicit meaning. -Is this real or imaginary? (imaginary) -Can a dog become a Dönerci? (no) -Will he. . (give doner to every dog that comes by)? Why not? (no, because he will not become a Dönerci) -Why is he thinking about it? (he wants to be one) -If I was a donerci, I would eat lots of doner. -Am I a donerci? (no) -Could I be a donerci? (yes) -Do you think that I will be a donerci? (no) -What is this form called? (2nd conditional) -Write "If I was a Dönerci, I would. . ." on the WB -Elicit form by using the written sentence. -if + S + past simple + DO, S + would ('d) + base form of verb -Pronunciation with class "If I was a donerci, I'd. . . " -elicit "would" from "I'd" and demonstrate through finger correction how they form a contraction.

Stage 2 (practice) (3-5 minutes) • To practice the 2nd conditional in a controlled context

-Erase the if, 'd, and eat from the sentence on the board. -Write if, would and the verb in the correct places. What goes here? (elicit the position of if, would, and eat on the example on the board) Work in pairs. -Pass out controlled 2nd conditional HO. -check answers with each other. -Pass out 1 feedback sheet per pair.

Stage 3 (4-5 minutes) • to practice using the 2nd conditional by using different interaction patterns

-Put SS into 4 groups. - Write A "If I was a donerci, B I would eat lots of doner, C but I am a teacher." on the board. -Pass out sentences on slips of paper: (A's, B's, and C's each a different color) -Demonstrate how each color group forms a sentence. -SS check their answers with each other. -Feedback posted on walls around room.

Stage 4 (10-12 minutes) • to practice conjugating in the past tense as it relates to the 2nd conditional and practice productive speaking skills

-Project copy of paper on WB -Pass out HOs -Demonstrate example 1 on the WB with the projector. -elicit "could" by asking for the past simple of "can." elicit "'d live" and then fill in the end. -SS work in pairs. -SS mingle and share their answers. -Monitor for error correction -Feedback: Turn on projector, have SS fill in verb form -provide error correction if needed

Stage 5 (10-15 minutes) • to provide a freer practice of 2nd conditional that utilizes productive speaking skills

-Pose a scenario to the class: "If I won the lottery, I would. . . " -Ask "What would you do?" to one end of the class and when they answer, (eg: I would buy a car), demonstrate the activity by answering, "if I bought a car, I would. . . " and give that to the following S so that the class sees that the previous answer becomes the if clause of the next sentence. -Form the class into 2 or 3 groups and pose each group a different situation (if I was in prison, if I was prime minister, if I was blind, if I could fly) and have them go around in a circle.

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