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hypothetical situations in the past
upper interediate level


In this lesson students will learn about conditional type 3 and past wished, they will discover through guided discovery their meaning, form and pronunciation. They will also practice the target language in a controlled practice and a freer practice activity


Abc gap fill exercise
Abc Guided discovery worksheet
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Main Aims

  • by the end of the lesson students will learn and practice conditional type 3 and past wishes

Subsidiary Aims

  • by the end of the lesson students will practice their listening skills


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • To generate intrest in the topic of the listening

To put students in the context of the lesson I will project pictures of some people with tattoos. I will ask students what the lesson is going to be about. I will elicit the word tattoo. I will ask students to tell each other if tattoos are popular in their country, and if they have any tattoos or they want to get one. I will ask students to share their ideas with the whole class.

Listening task (6-6 minutes) • To practice listening and contextualise and introduce the target language

I will ask students to listen to the audio for the first time and share with the whole class what it is about. I will provide the students with a gap fill task and I will ask them to listen one more time and complete the sentences. In pairs, they will check their answers. I will project the answer key on the board.

Highlight Target Language (3-4 minutes) • to highlight the target language so that learners are focussed on it.

I will ask students to think about how the speaker feels and what could have happened if the speaker asked someone from Japan about the card. I will listen to their answerer and write the sentences on the board.

Clarify the target language (10-12 minutes) • to clarify MFP for students so they understand the target language

To clarify the target language, students will do some tasks on guided discovery worksheet. Students will compare between the language points they learned in the last lesson and the new aspects of conditional type 3 and past wishes. They will answer question about the meaning, form and pronunciation. Students will work in pairs to help each other. After each task students will compare their answers and share with the whole class.

controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • To focus on using the target language accurately

I will give students an exercise where they should fill the gaps with the verbs in the right form. Students will check in pairs their answers and then do a whole class correction.

Freer Practice (8-10 minutes) • to use the language productively

In freer practice, students will sit in a circle and I will tell them that I will give them some situations written in the small cards. Even though they are not true but they have to imagine they are true. I will give one student the cards faced down, he has to take only one card and read the situation and try to say what he or she would have done. The student will pass the cards to the person on the right. If one student gets the same situation he can change the card.

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