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TP4 - Past Simple Regular verbs
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practice Past Simple Tense Regular verbs in the context of traveling.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson students will have practiced Past Simple Regular verbs in the context of traveling.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled practice in reading and listening for gist, specific information and details.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will show a picture of some suitcases for associations with traveling to set up the context. T will elicit some associative vocabulary related to traveling. JOURNEY TRAIN BUS/CAR PLANE TICKETS LOOKED FOR BOOKED AIRPORT? ARRIVED AT CHECKED IN LANDED/TOOK OFF FLIGHT

Exposure / Reading for gist (5-7 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text.

T will show slide#1(pic of Raoul and Emma). T: Look at the picture. Their names are Raoul and Emma. Who/What are they? Students e.g. Are they young or old? Young How else do we call young people? Teenagers T will distribute handout TP#4ho1. Take one, pass the others. T: now we're going to read a story about R&E's journey last April. Is it Past or Future? Where did they want to go? (read for gist) Your have 1 minute to read. ICQ: Are we going to read or write? Read. How much time do you have? 1 min. Now work in pairs. Tell each other. Where did they want to go? All together. Where did they want to go? Australia.

Highlighting / Concept check (7-10 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the target language

Task 1. Reading for specific information. T: Is this story in the past or future? How did you know? Is it past simple or past continuous? It is past simple, because the verbs show the Past Simple tense. Now you are going to read again. But read carefully. Underline the verbs in the past simple. You have 2 minutes. ICQ: Are you going to write? no Are you going to read? yes Are you going to underline or out circles? underline Are you going to underline nouns?no For fast finishers: how many verbs did you find? Now work in pairs. Find another partner. Check the answers. 30sec. Task 2. Reading for details. T will distribute handouts TP#4ho2. There are 9 pictures describing the story. SS will need to number the pictures in terms of the story sequence. T: Look at the pictures. What can you see? The pictures show what the students did. Read the text very careful. Put the numbers in the squares. T demonstrate instructions: They wanted to go to Australia. So the picture "I" is #1. They looked for the tickets in the Internet. Pic "G" is #2. Work in pairs. Do the rest. You have 3 minutes. ICQ: Are you going to write? no Are you going to read? yes Are you going to speak? only with partner Are you going to put numbers or letters? numbers How much time do you have? 3 mins Now stand up. Take your HOs. Ask 2 other pairs about their answers. Key will be shown on the screen. T: check the other group's answers. T: Were they in Sydney? Where were they? Task 3. Listening. T: Listen carefully. Find out. Where were they? Were they in Australia?

Drill (5-5 minutes) • Pronunciation.

Task 1. T will elicit several regular verbs in Past Simple. SS might been asked to write them on the board. Arrived, changed, showed, tried /d/ Booked, checked, looked, walked, asked /T/ Wanted, landed, waited /ID/ T will play audio 2. SS will be expected to repeat. T: Listen carefully. Listen to the ends of the verbs. T will play another audio. T: Listen and repeat Raoul and Emma's story. Listen carefully to the ends of the verbs . ICQ.

Form. (5-10 minutes) • To focus on the form of the target language.

T will elicit several examples of Past Simple tense. And write on the board. SS will be given an opportunity to try to build negative form of Past simple. SS will be given an opportunity to try to build question form of Past simple. T will write the language forms on the board.(eliciting grammar vocabulary) Task1. T will distribute handouts TP#4ho5 T: Look at the ho. You can see sentences in Present Simple. Put these sentences into Past Simple. Write them. You have 2 minutes. Work in pairs. Check your partners answers. ICQ. Task2. Building question forms of Past Simple. Handouts TP#4ho3. T: Make questions from these sentences. Use Was/Were or Did. Write them. You have 2 minutes. ICQs T: Check with partners. Task 3. Listen and repeat. T: Listen to the questions carefully. Work in pairs. Check with audio. Ask each other these questions.

Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

T: Stand up. Take your ho.You can walk around. Ask the questions from TP#4ho5. Answer someones questions. Ask at least 5 people. T might demonstrate the instructions. ICQ.

Free Practice (5-5 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

T will ask students to write 5 questions they would like to ask. T: Work in pairs. Think 5 questions. Ask 5 people and write the answers.

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