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Receptive skill(scanning) - simple past
Elementary level


This lesson is about training the students to channel their reading ability more efficiently. Train them how to skim and scan articles. There will be a little revision of the simple past as it pertains to the subject matter on past inventions.


Abc question cards
Abc Cut - out sentences
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Abc Pictures
Abc Gap fill handout - simple past
Abc True and False worksheet

Main Aims

  • To teach them to use their receptive skill of scanning,review simple past and introduce new vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of simple past in the context of past inventions


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will introduce pictures related to inventions. I will ask the students to look and identify the pictures. Main question? What is there the common theme? Original, first, unique Elicit - the word Invention(n) - drill - write on the board experiment(n) - drill - write on the board design(n) - drill- write on the board

Gist reading (10-12 minutes) • To get the main idea of the article and briefly touch on the simple past and the verb "to do"

I will put up a story without its' title, and see if the students are able to come to the main idea. They will have about a minute and a half since there are 3 articles. I will ask what was article 1 about and what was invented? the same for article 2 and 3. Simple past form ( subj +verb+object) Regular verb +ed have them give me an example The verb "to do" I do run. Is mostly used for interrogative and negative sentences use--- square block to elicit Focus on negative: didn't = did +not show with fingers don't = don't

While-Reading for detail 1 scanning (14-16 minutes) • To find the answer for true and false questions - scanning

I will give them instructions to read for about 2 minutes. Will answer T/F questions. It should take about 5 minutes total; have them check with their partner the answer for less by one read out the question and give me the answer. If the answer is false, they must give the right answer in this format. No, he didn't. It was XXXX. then a minute. I will pick random students to read and answer the T/F question. I'll have one Verb gap filled worksheet of vocabulary (regular verb + ed) from the text. The worksheet is about converting the regular verb into past tense. Check your answer with your partner I have put the answer key in the bottom of the page.

Post-Reading/ (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

I will hand them an activity requiring putting the sentences in order. It all relates to the 3 articles we've been working on. It will be a competition. The other game is a quiz show- The students will write questions about the articles they've read and ask their opponent. I will have back up questions just incase.

round - up • review

Ask them what was the theme today? Invention Simple past verb 'to do' Vocabulary- experiment, design, invention

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