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In this lesson students are going to get familiar with some vocabularies related to law and they will do some vocabulary exercises on the page 82 of the book. The main aim is the reading in this lesson which the students will do it after the vocabulary part. There are three exercises on the page which they will do it in this session.


Abc reading text
Abc Vocabulary ex
Abc colorful paper of ideas

Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • vocabulary and Speaking


Lead_in (2-3 minutes) • to elicit the topic and connect the previous section to new section

T asks Ss two questions to elicit the topic of the vocabulary and make them interested in the new part. • What was the listening about?

vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • to focus on vocabulary meaning, pronunciation, form

T hands out the vocabulary section and asks Ss to do ex 1 of vocabulary on page 82 in pairs. And then give them the answer key to check the answers. Then T drills the words. T gets Ss to match the vocabularies with the definitions in ex2 in pairs. Then wants them to check their answers with other Ss in the group. Then T gives the answer keys to Ss and then asks some CCQs to make sure that they got the meaning of the words. And drills the vocabulary very fast. CCQs: • Is a witness criminal? No • Does a witness help a police to find the criminals? Yes • Is it police responsibility to sentence? No • Who sentences in the court? Judge • Where does trial happen? Court • Why does it happen? To know if someone is criminal or not • Who needs evidences at the court? Police • Why do they need it? To prove the crime

Pre-reading (2-4 minutes) • to activate their schemata

Teacher writes a question on the board and wants them to talk about it in their groups to make them ready for reading and activate their schemata. And then gives FB. • Do you have strict law in your country for punishing the bank robbers?

Reading for gist (4-8 minutes) • to skim the text to get the general idea

T wants the Ss to read the article from the reading individually and asks them to tell the story of the reading in groups. Then asks each group to write a headline for it. And asks each group to choose a person to write their headlines on the board.

Reading for detail (4-8 minutes) • to scan the text in order to answer the questions

Teacher wants Ss to read the questions of ex 2 of reading and then asks them to read the article again individually. Then T gives them time to discuss the answers in their group. T gives W/C FB..

post-reading (5-8 minutes) • to have freer activity and talk more about the topic

Teacher divides the Ss into 4 groups of As and Bs . As agree with the judges ideas and Bs disagree.At First they discuss their ideas in their groups. As brings some ideas about agreement and Bs brings some disagreements.Then T puts some ideas around the class about agreements and disagreements. From each group one student goes and looks at the ideas and comes back and tells other ones to write the answers. The group who finishes first is the winner.

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