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Telling a story
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will improve their telling-making up story with sequencers.


Abc Sequence cards
Abc Listening track
Abc Pictures

Main Aims

  • To make Ss tell story by providing beginning, ending and describing sequencers that are included in their listening text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To be able to listen some spesific sequencers like "this happened when, anyway, finally..." in story telling, and to make Ss use them


Stage 1 (Warm Up) (2-3 minutes) • To introduce lesson and to make Ss guess T's lie from previous lesson

- Ask Ss whether they remember T's lie from last week lesson - Introduce them their topic that is "telling a story"

Stage 2 (7-9 minutes) • To lead Ss to talk about pictures on the book and to provide them vocabulary that will be used in the listening track

-Make Ss groups -Pass out HOs related to the topic -Show pictures on the book and elicit what is happening in those pictures -Pre-teach "pills", "spots", "the tube", "swollen up", "the blotches", "allergic reaction" using realia, pictures and description -Ss try to make up their story related to the pictures on the book, choose a person from their group and tell their story to the class

Stage 3 (10-15 minutes) • to listen the track and study sequence vocabulary

-Tell Ss that they are going to listen a woman telling her story and during their listening order the pictures - Play recording 2.7 - Ask CCQ about the track and compare their stories with the original one. - Introduce sequencers and get Ss to put sequencers that are in the box correct place into the table with her pair -Play recording again and have Ss tick sequences they hear. Check in pairs. Monitor

Stage 4 (6-8 minutes) • to practise sequencers and phrases to tell a story

-Ss turn to p. 130 (2.3) -T drills phrases, focus on intonation - Ss work alone to complete p.131 (2.3) and T shows the answers on the smartboard - Ss practise dialogue in P/W, T monitors their intonation

Stage 5 (10-13 minutes) • to retell the story by given sequence cards

- Make 3-people-group and give sequence cards to each group - Tell Ss to use the cards to retell the story - Ss turn the card over when they use it, try to use all cards in their story - Ask Ss if they think this is a true story -Play recording 2.8 and discuss O/C

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