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Copy of TP-7 Quantifiers
Intermediate level


Students will learn to use quantifiers in order to mention about various places, but beforehand they will be introduced to quantifiers and the way we use and classify them (used with uncountables / countables / both) Therefore, it will be a grammar lesson with some analysis and practice.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Quantifiers in the context of Getting ready for a desert visit

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Describing and giving information in the context of Talking about the place they live or they have visited before with quantifiers


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Question what someone needs for a desert visit

Here, Learners will see a video on youtube showing beautiful desert pictures with famous song of Sting called 'Desert Rose'. It will take 3 minutes mostly and then I will ask them what these places called as well as if they have been to somewhere like this before. Is it safe to go or not ? At last, tell me 3 things you need before your desert visit? I can also enlighten students to clarify the pronunciation of 'desert' the place or adjective and 'dessert' the sweet food.

Listening 1 (1-4 minutes) • Advice for the things we should take before a desert visit

Here, students will listen the track 8.4 and take notes of what the advisor says to take with us in order to get ready for a desert trip. The track will be listened only once and after it finished, they will give some feedbacks how many things they caught, what they are and how well they matched with their guesses.

Listening 2 (1-4 minutes) • Catching Quantifiers

Students will listen the track 8.5. This track includes only some sentences taken from the advisor's monologue. All sentences consist of some specific quantifiers which they have to catch. They will listen it once or twice depending on the time and after some pair-check the answer key will be given.

Analysis (5-6 minutes) • Understanding how to match quantifiers

Students will be asked some nouns to give them some more ideas how the quantifiers are used. I will try to elicit from them some countable and uncountable nouns from them. I may also give them some easy ones. After that, I will add the question if i can use many before water. 'many water' and what can we use before this word? After that, I will encourage them to group the quantifiers given in the answer key and determine which one is used which. Here, I will draw a simple chart on board and give them the boardmarker to write themselves. I can also check the listening 2 answer key to show what kind of words are used after the specific quantifier. e.g : Every year we have several cases.... Is 'cases' countable or uncountable ? All quantifiers will be checked in class one by one and W/C will be involved in feedback. If there is a mistake, I will encourage to rethink on this specific quantifier.

Controlled Practise (5-6 minutes) • Practicing quantifiers by using them in correct place.

Students will be given an exercise to complete in mostly two minutes. It will be a pair work and after that W/C will be asked for feedback for correct answers and alternatives.

Free Practice (6-15 minutes) • Group discussion

Students will be asked to discuss about the places they live or the holiday destinations they have visited using appropriate quantifers. They will not be restricted to only using these sentences. I will also modal some sentences by mentioning the place I live. 'There is too much traffic in the place I live. There are a lot of buildings, but they are not very high. 'There is a lot of green space' and so on. Their discussion will be monitored within a keep profile and the most fundamental mistakes will be questioned to raise their awareness about the use of the words. Students can talk about cinemas, theatres, sport facilities, malls, stores, parks, internet cafes, pollution, restaurants, cafes, green spaces.

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