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In this lesson,students learn about things in the home,e.g. furniture and appliances. They do listening in between each section. It is focused on pronunciation. They get to know the meaning of house-sitting.


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Main Aims

  • To provide students with vocabulary,e.g.furniture and appliances. We will later on discuss about v. house-sitting. I will let them compare it with baby-sitting. Some concept check question about baby sitting. What do we do when we baby-sit? Are the mother there always or sometimes they are out having dinner? So when they are away,what do we do? We take care of the baby. I explain the similarity to house-sitting.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with listening.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To remind them about the previous lesson.Furniture and appliances.

I am going to put some pictures of a house and rooms on WB. I am going to give some flashcards to random students to make them match each word to the right picture. Make other students to correct them if they have put them under the wrong picture. The st who puts the flashcard will make the class repeat the word on board.

Pre-Listening (7-10 minutes) • To introduce the concept of house-sitting

Divide the WB into two.Ask one student who can draw well to draw a baby on one side and a house on other side. I ask the class some questions to elicit the concept baby-sitting and a baby sitter and follow it by the concept housesitting/housesitter. Part1:CCQs -Who has a baby/babies? -Who is looking after your babies? (..mother) -When mother is not at home? (..me) -When you are not at home? (grandma) When grandma is at hospital? -Do you leave the baby alone at home? (...no) -Who will look after your baby? (...babysitter) -What do you call the person who babysits? (...Baby-sitter) Part2: CCQs -There is one person who does the same for houses when we are on holiday. -How do we call this person? (house-sitter) -What does he do? (.. house-sits) Drilling part 1 *Do you think housesitting is a good idea? ~good idea ~is a good idea ~house-sitting is a good idea. ~do you think house-sitting is a good idea? Drilling part 2 Split the class into 2. One part says ; I think,it is a good idea. The other part says; I think it is a bad idea. Move them into groups counting 1,2,3. Ones are together,2s are together. Give each group a picture and a title. Tell them to discuss - Are they good/bad for house-sitting? If they are good,why? If they are bad,why?

While-Listening (5-10 minutes) • To provide them practice the concept -Housesitting.

Move them into big groups counting 1,2,3 or 4 depending on number of people. Ones are together,2s are together. Give each group a picture and a title. Tell them to discuss - Are they good/bad for house-sitting? If they are good,why? If they are bad,why? Write at least(minumum) one good thing and one bad thing. *Monitor them for 2 minutes and ask the one who finishes first to stick it to the WB for everyone. Hands up for 1st pic Hands up for 2nd pic ..... ...

While-Listening (7-10 minutes) • To introduce them 'a couple of' , 'a lot of'

Write a lot of- a couple of on WB. First, i ask them to stand up. I explain them when I start the music they will start walking,when I stop the music,they stop. (practise it one time) When i stop the music,I move them into groups.(ones that are the closest when the music stopped) Give them the instructions by having one of the students as an assistant. I want you to draw your dream house BUT together with your partner. Show them how on WB. When they are finished. Ask them to stick it on WB and i ask the class CCQ, How many windows? (...Two) Make drillings How many flowers are there? (a couple of it there is 2 or more) How many rooms are there? (if it is 6,a lot of) Make drillings

Post-Listening (7-10 minutes) • To provide them with an opportunity to respond to the gap filling exercise.

CD 2. Track 5 Exercise2: I chest the HO and explain them we have a listening exercise here and they have to match the numbers them to the gaps. Let the 1st play and ask them why it is kitchen? Stop in each section. Exercise3: Do you want to listen again? Do you remember aswers to those questions? 1st - What is in the fridge? (....a couple of yoghurts,just help yourself) How many? Is it one?

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