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Weekend Activities
beginner level


At the end of the lesson Ss will be able to talk about what they did over the weekend by using Simple Past tense on the context of weekend activities.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Simple Past Tense in the context of Weekend Activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Conversation in the context of Weekend Activities


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • to revise the vocabulary Ss will be given phrases to match with the pictures around the classroom

-t will give phrases to ss and tells them to walk around the classroom to match with the pictures but there are 12 pictures and 14 phrases. -Ss walk around the classroom to see if the pictures are correctly match with the pictures -They will sick the two extra word on the board to find the context of the lesson ICQ's 1) How many phrases? 2)How many pictures? 3)How many extra words? 2) Are you going to stick the extra words on the pictures?

practice (3-5 minutes) • to focus ss the form of the TL

- t will give ss a HO they will do the section A t: Here is a ho for you we will do section A. There are 6 questions and each question has two sentences, only one sentence is correct. Find the correct one and tick it ( write one and draw two boxes on the board and tick one of them) You will work alone and you have two minutes. ICQ`s 1) Which section are we doing? a 2) how many questions? 6 3) What will you put next to correct sentence? trick 4) how many minutes do you have? 2 after they are done they check their answers with their partner T projects the answers

time expressions (2-3 minutes) • to be able to revise the time expression they will do matching

Ss, with their partner will do the section b on the Ho to revise the time expressions and they have 3 minutes to finish this After they are done t projects the answers

clarification (5-8 minutes) • To clarify meaning, form of the TL

Ss will do the part C by themselves which is filling the blanks with correct form of the verb.They have 6 questions and 5 minutes to finish/ ICQ`s: 1) are you going to write or tick? 2) how many questions? 3) how many minutes for the fb they will swap their papers with their partners

fill in the questionnaire (2-5 minutes) • to be able to use the TL by speaking

ss will be given Ho2 which is a questionnaire. They tick the once they are suitable form them and fill in the when part by themselves in two minutes. ICQ`s 1) Are you doing partner part? 2) Are you working alone? 3) Do you put a tick for you section? If the stronger Ss finish before they can write 3 sentences according to the questionnaire

Semi Controlled speaking practice (8-7 minutes) • to be able to communicate with their partners by using the TL

they will do the partner part of their questionnaire. Ss will ask their partners questions and fill in the questionnaire according to their partners answers. ( tick the partner part and write the when part) they will have ten 10 min for this. Teacher projects the questionnaire and gives one example Questions: Did you.....? When did you....? ICQ`s 1) Are you working alone? 2) Do you write yes or no? 3) Are you asking and answering the questions?

Error Correction (2-3 minutes) • To get Ss awareness on the TL if they are making any mistakes they can fix it before the freer speaking activity

T writes Ss errors on the board and they fix their mistakes before the freer speaking activity.

Freer speaking practice (7-9 minutes) • to encourage ss to use the TL they will talk about their questionnaire to the other students

After they are done with filling in their questionnaire they will switch a partner and tell what they and their friend did and when. And when the teacher says switch they find an other partner to tell. Teacher modals one example ICQ`s 1) Do you write or speak? (speak) 2) when i say switch what do you do? ( find an other partner) If they make errors t notes them and gives fb after the activity ( the activity could be finished two minutes before)

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