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New Year in Vietnam
Elementary level


In this lesson,the students will work on reading and vocabulary that is related to celebrations. First the students will be shown a set of pictures about different festivals and new years to introduce them to the reading text about the New Year in Vietnam. Through the pictures,the students will be taught the words “take place,last and street performence” . Following that,they will read the text alongside with a task and finish it with the true-false exercise in the book. Finally,the sts will be asked to write about the New Year celebrations in Turkey.


Abc Hands-outs photocopied from LifeStyle
Abc worksheets
Abc Pictures

Main Aims

  • To work on reading for gist and specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn vocabulary


LEAD IN (15-20 minutes) • To pre-teach them some words and introduce them to Vietnam

Sts will be shown a set of pictures on the board one by one eliciting vocabulary from them. They will be introduced to a festival in Spain,Rio carnival and a new year in Thailand.Then they will be introduced to Vietnam. Through the pictures they will be taught “street performance,last and take place” . After drilling those words on the board with pictures,the sts will be asked about a national holiday or a festival in Turkey in order to get them use those words.For instance when does children’s day take place?

READING (5-6 minutes) • Reading for a gist

After teaching the words and getting them introduced to the subject,they will be given an ordering task with pictures about the task. They will do it individually and will check their answers with different groups.

READING (8-10 minutes) • To read for details

The sts will be asked to do the True-False exercise in the book.

POST –READING (7-9 minutes) • A related activity with the text

The sts will be asked questions about birthdays and wedding ceremonies in Turkey.

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