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Beginners level


In this lesson students practice the use of /there is /there are/and the negative & question form.In the beginning they will revise the vocabulary (places in town)they had in the previous lesson.Then the students will answer a matching and a fill in the blanks with/ Is there/or/Are there/activity .Then students use these questions to spot the differences between two pictures (speaking activity).


Abc Two pictures A & B (showing places in town),HO with matching,HO with fill in the blanks.

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of There /is/are and question form Is there a ?Are there any? in the context of Places in town a bank ,a post office, a cafe, a chemist's ....etc

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students practice speaking and some writing.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To review the names of places in town .

T divides the class into two groups ,each group stands in a line .T explains an activity where the teacher shows a picture to the class ,and they have to pick out it's name from the WB .The group with the most correct answers is the winner .

Controlled vocabulary practice (8-11 minutes) • To practice the name of places in town.

Teacher divides the class into A & B . Then gives each group a HO with a picture of a town (each group has a different picture), Teacher also gives a HO with the name of places that are shown in the picture. Teacher asks students to match the number of things in the picture with its words in the HO. Each group works separately and Teacher monitors and checks answers.

Controlled grammar practice (10-12 minutes) • Practice in using Is there a /Are there any?

Teacher revises forming questions with Is there any/Are there any?on the WB. Teacher demonstrates how to answer the questions in the HO. Then gives each group a HO with different questions. Teacher asks Students o answer in pairs within the same group. for feedback an answer key is given.

Fluency speaking practice (12-16 minutes) • To practice talking and asking about places in town.

Regroup the students into pairs (one from A and anther from B). Teacher demos the activity (showing how to use the above questions to find differences in each others pictures). T asks Ss to do the task .T monitors and listens for errors then gives WC feed back. If there is time Ss can write sentences about their town.

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