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Listening, Fast Food
A-1 Beginner level


In this lesson students will listen to an interview with three individuals wherein the interviewees describe their feelings about fast food. We will elicit from the picture and talk about about fast food options in Turkey. Students will listen for gist first. A matching activity will supply sts with the adjectives in the narration. The students will listen a second time time to pick out adjectives each of the interview subjects uses to describe fast food. Students will then construct a sentence about the characters in the story and their feelings about fast food.


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Main Aims

  • The aim of this lesson will be to practice listening for gist and listening for specific information within the context of an interview about fast food.

Subsidiary Aims

  • In this lesson I aim to introduce adjectives relating to fast food experiences by means of a matching exercise.
  • In the course of this class, students will practice speaking in groups about fast food.


Intro (7-12 minutes) • To generate interest in the lesson and activate schema, to get students to question their neighbor about how frequently they consume fast food.

Display the picture on the WB, elicit answers to questions 1 and 2, have students to "Ask your neighbor, or the person next to you how many times in a week they eat fast food." Give students two minutes to discuss, get FB, ask students "Who eats the most fast food in class?"

Listening a (3-5 minutes) • To have students practice the skill of gist listening.

Cue up recording, label people, display question on ppt, ask sts to: "Listen and dicide which of these three people likes fast food most, Ivan, Rose or Rohana."

Vocabulary, adjectives (6-7 minutes) • To have students deduce the meaning of the adjectives by means of a matching exercise.

Hand out HO of vocabulary, get students to work in pairs to match the meaning of the adjectives with the words. Elicit from the picture question 1) Which of thes adjectives can you see in the picture above?

Listening b (8-11 minutes) • To have students refine their listening skills and answer the questions about the recording.

Cue up the listening again, slowly, clearly tell sts to: "Read the questions on the other side of the matching activity before I play the recording again." play recording again, get them to answer the questions about Ivan, Rose, and Rohana. Play again, ask if they need to hear one more time, if yes, play again. "Check your answers with your neighbors." Elicit answers to the listening exercise.

Group work, sentence construction (11-17 minutes) • To get students to construct sentences about Ivan, Rose and Rohana regaurding their fast food preferences.

Form groups, 3 groups of 3 or pairs. Post instructions on ppt., "Write one sentence about each person above. Say if they like or don't like fast food restaurants and why. Here is one example: Rose doesn't like them because the food is always cold and service is slow" If time, have students make sentences that express their own feelings about fast food.

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