Malia Yoshioka Malia Yoshioka

TP 1b - Relationships
Intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson, students will use photos as visual aids to guess, then confirm by reading, the type of relationship between individuals. Next, they will use examples from their personal lives to think about to orally describe an important personal relationship of their own.


Abc Malia's photos
Abc Photo and text - Who Do You Carry Around?

Main Aims

  • Reading a text to identify key points about personal relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop speaking fluency by describing a personal relationship of their own.


Warm up / Lead in (5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of relationships

Put up a photo on projector or paper taped to white board of Malia with her mother and brother. See if students can name the types of relationship. Who is this? Malia Who is this next to her? her mother So I would say, this is my _____ (mother) ... so I am her _____ (daughter) And who do you think this is? her brother So I could say, this is my _____ (brother) ... so I am his ______ (sister) Write on board: "Relationships" with five blank bullet points and elicit types of relationships from students - mother/child, husband/wife, employer/employee, teacher/student.

Prediction Task (5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to think about the context of the text

Pass HO of either photo 1 or 2 from the Who Do You Carry Around exercise and ask them to fold their sheet to look at the just the photo. Think about the relationship between the people in it for 30 seconds. Ask them to discuss with their partner what they think the relationship is and why.

Reading for specific info (20 minutes) • To practice scanning the text for specific info

Students now will open their papers to read the corresponding text, first to themselves. 2 minutes. Discuss with your partner what you learned from the text. What is the relationship and what makes you say that. What else did you learn? 5 minutes OK who wants to tell me the relationship in photo 1? Mother and children, Ben and Tony. What else did we learn about the children? Boys, twins, 5 years old What about their personality? Did we learn what they are like? Do their faces look the same or different? One is ____ (serious) and one is ______ (laughing/messing about). Ok and who wants to tell me about the relationship in photo 2? Husband and wife, Jenny. And what do we know about Jenny? He says he carries around this picture because she is smiling. What else does he say? Because she isnt ____ ? (frowning.) What does he mean by frowning? It's the opposite of smiling.

Reading Task (15 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to personalize the task and develop oral fluency

Show photo 3 with text from the Who Do You Carry Around exercise. 1 minute to guess relationship and why 3 minutes to read and see if its correct. What else did we learn about his girlfriend? Where did they meet? Where does he keep the photo? Is it true? Do you all keep pictures in your phone? Ok so for the next exercise we are going to talk about our own photos. Think of a picture that you have on your phone of someone who is important to you. Or maybe a photo you have in your house in a special frame. One photo, do you have it in mind? Ok so now I want you to describe this photo to your partner. On the board I will write: Who is in the photo? What is your relationship? Where is the photo taken or what is happening in the photo? Why is this picture important to you? Would anyone like to share their photo?

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