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Teaching Prac 4
Beginner level


In this lesson, the ss will be engaged with some Wh questions. Its presentation will be done by explainin meaning, form and pronunciacion. T will also give instructions about yes/no questions and short answers. One controlled practice and one freer practices are expected to perform in the 45 minutes to tes their knowladge about the TL


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the TL which is Wh questions and short answers with the context of a date

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency on the TL by practicing it with speaking skill


Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To generate interest in the context of the lesson

This stage will be done very quickly. T will show 3 pictures of activities (like going to the concerts, going shopping and watching TV) to give the idea of 'free time' for the learners. Since the concept of free time will be used in the dialogue that will be processed in the next step, T will make sure that the ss know what free time is. T will try to elicit three free time activities by using visuals.

Building the Context (8-10 minutes) • to narrow the context to a more spesific area and continue to generate interest

A teacher made dialogue that has Wh and yes/no questions are being asked in the concept of a date will be given to the ss. Before giving the HO, T will them an aim to read. Ss will be asked to determine whether it is a possitive date or not. The reasons will be discussed. Ss will read the text individually.

Clarification of The Target Language (12-14 minutes) • To clarify meaning, form and pronunciation of the TL

Ss will be asked to name three questions from the text that was given in the previous stage. T will write them on the board. Two of them will be Wh questions and the other one will be yes or no question. T will also write the answers of the questions that are chosen by ss. The written sentences on th WB will be used as marker senteces to explain the form of the TL. After clarifiyng the meaning form will be taught by T. Colurful markers will be used to have their attention for the necessary parts.Then pronunciation of the TL will be practised by drilling. Drilling won't be word by word, it will be fast

Practice (12-14 minutes) • To provide controlled practice focused on using the TL

A teacher made HO will be given to the students. The ss will be asked to decide whether the question sentences are in the right order or not. If not, they will be asked to correct them. T will ask the ss to check their answers in pairs. Then T will nominate different students to take the answers and write it on the WB. With the corrected sentences, the ss will be asked to practice the questions with theirs pairs. Pairs will be changed this time

Production (8-10 minutes) • To procvide a freer practice for the ss to use TL

T will provide a speaking activity where ss can walk around and ask eachother yes or no questions. They will be provided with a HO that they can note the answers. Then the answers will be checked by nominating.

Back-up Stage (5-7 minutes) • to practice and consolidate the knowlagde of the ss on the TL

The ss will be given some papers on that there are words to built a question sentence. They will be expected to put them into orders. They will work with pairs.

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