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Speaking Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss are going to mainly focus on receptive skills and they will be able to spell names and learn some of the signs that are used in e-mail adresses. , SS will be engaged in S focused vocabulary building exercises, receptive skill development by listening for the gist and specific information related to a conversation about spelling names. They will be able to make sentences with am, is,are and negative forms.


Abc Powerpoint
Abc Gap-fill Handout
Abc Gap-fill Handout

Main Aims

  • The main aim is to revise the alphabet by spelling names and mail adresses and reinforce the usage of negative forms, am, is and are while developing the Ss communicative skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The subsidiary aim is to teach Ss to write the sounds they hear correctly.


Stage 1 - Warm Up (7-10 minutes) • to give the students an easy task (spell their names) in order to encourage them for the speaking lesson

T asks a celebrity's name and wants WC to spell it. T asks her own name and wants Ss to spell it T wants the Ss to spell their own names. T shows several signs on the board and asks about them to Ss T tries to elicit the answer or sets a hangman game to help the Ss T asks Ss to spell their first names in pairs

Stage 2 - Listening (3-4 minutes) • to listen and complete the names and spell e-mail adresses

T sets the task -shows HO to Ss -gives a proper instruction -Ss listen and do the gap filling HO -T monitors Ss -Ss peer check the answers -T gives the answers and feedback to WC

Stage 3 - Post Listening (Writing) (7-10 minutes) • to practice using vocabulary (about the signs) and the alphabet

T says and writes her e-mail address on the board Ss individually write down their own e-mails and say them to their partners. T monitors and provides feedback

Stage 4 - Grammar (5-7 minutes) • to practice the past grammar lesson (the verb to be) with a HO

T sets the task shows HO to Ss with a clear instruction (or with an example) Ss do gap filling and compare in groups T monitors and provides feedback

Stage 5 - Writing, Speaking (10-15 minutes) • to make correct (true-false) sentences in order to understand negative forms

T starts with own true/false statements and elicits whether students believe it or not T gives HO Ss make their own true/false statements and check each other's answers T monitors and wants Ss to read them aloud T gives FB

Stage 6 - Speaking (10-15 minutes) • to make sentences with am,are,is and negative forms

T asks the Ss some questions T wants Ss make sentences about themselves and ask T questions T asks the Ss to discuss about the questions with their pairs

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