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Teaching Practice 4
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn about answering yes/no questions and how to use this within the context of food and related vocabulary. Listening will be a big tool to accomplish this aim.


Abc Pictures of different food categories
Abc Mind your language Handout
Abc Items of real fruit and vegetables
Abc Workbook exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice of food vocabulary and different types of food groups

Subsidiary Aims

  • How to answer yes and no questions, and to express which food they like or don't like


Warmer/Lead-in (2-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ss have to try to match the names of the food items from the pictures in the mind your language handout. Elicit an example. Feedback. Mark answers on board over projection.

Exposure to vocabulary (8-18 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading/listening

Mind your language video, put the list of food items in the order of appearance. Mark on the mind your language handout sheet. Feedback. Put answers on board over projection.

Useful Language (18-30 minutes) • To highlight and clarify categories of food types

Show them phsyical fruit, they have to guess which category of food it comes from. Complete Exercise 2 I will stick the six items on the wall, they have to go around and write on the missing words. Listening, drill the words, elicit .stress

Productive Task(s) (30-40 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills in speaking. Do you like?

Do you like bananas song, model the lyrics and structure. Play the song, show each picture on powerpoint, stop the song. Do you like? Then stop. Student does exercise 4, they can use the food items I have brought in. They ask each other in pairs, do you like? Then the other answers, yes I do, or no I don't. They move them around the room.

Closing song of "do you like" (40-45 minutes) • Semi-Controlled Speaking

Play song, When the song says the line and fruit mentioned, the student holding the item has to say, either yes I do, or no I don't. Final play, they follow the lyrics but everyone has to sing, when I like it, I like it....yum yum yum..... when I hate it, I hate it...... yuck yuck yuck. Feedback if required.

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