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Copy of Unit 8a Breaking News: Vocabulary, Reading and Speaking
Intermediate level


In this lesson, I will present vocabulary in regards to newspapers. Students will discuss names and types of newspapers from their home countries, practice the learned vocabulary, read a short article, and ask and answer questions related to the article and the news in general.


Abc Unit 8a pg. 77
Abc True/False questions for Did you know? pg 77
Abc Unit 8a pg. 76
Abc Unit 8a pg. 77
Abc True/False questions for Did you know? pg 77
Abc Unit 8a pg. 76

Main Aims

  • To introduce and/or review vocabulary related to newspapers, and to practice it through reading and speaking within a semi-controlled context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading for specific information and to use this information in a semi-controlled speaking context


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic of the lesson and to get the students talking about the news and newspapers.

1) Bring in a couple of newspapers and introduce it as the topic of the unit. Ask students how the get theır news. Newspaper? Internet? Television? Radio? 2) Put students in groups of 4(preferably multicultural) and ask them to talk about the types of newspapers they read, the ones they like and the ones they dislike, and what´s happening in the news right now.

Vocabulary (8-9 minutes) • To introduce and practice the vocabulary used when talking about the news and newspapers.

1) Draw a mınd map: in the middle, write NEWSPAPER. Around it, write the subheadings: People who work on newspapers, Sectıons of a newspaper, Things in a newspaper, and Words to decribe newspapers. 2) Elicit one word for each section 3) Put Ss in different groups of four. Gıve each group a subheading. Have them come up with as many words as they can to put under their subheading. 4) Get FB from Ss and write on WB

Vocabulary: meaning (8-9 minutes) • To elicit and reinforece the meaning of the vocabulary

1) Instruct Ss to look at the vocab in ex. 1. Pass out HO. 2) Put Ss into pairs and discuss the meaning of the words. Monıtor Ss. 3) Have students fill in the gaps to the text in ex. 1. Monitor their work. 4) Get the anwers from Ss and write them on WB. 5) Ask if there are any words that they don´t understand and explain.

Vocab: pronounciation (8-9 minutes) • To practice pronounciation through drilling and understanding of stress.

1) Revisit vocab at top of HO. 2) Drill the word. Write the word on WB. Draw stress and syllables. 3) Have the students draw the stress above each word on HO.

Reading for details (8-9 minutes) • To read a short article and check understanding through T/F questions.

1)Have students read the text at bottom left page 77. 2) Put Ss into new pairs. 3) Give each pair the T/F questions and have them discuss their answers. 4) Discuss as WC

Discussion (4-6 minutes) • To practice speaking in a semi-controlled context

Ask WC the questions in Ex. 2, pg 77. Encourage the use of the practiced vocabulary.

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