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TP 3
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn order of adjectives that come before nouns and they will drill and practise with their partners in the production stage.


Abc New Headway4th Edition (Beginner), Student Book (2013) Soars&Soars. Oxford University Press

Main Aims

  • To practise and be informed about "Grammar - Parts of speech ( Adjectives) "

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking with using adjectives+nouns


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To activate students schemata from the previous lesson and connect it to the current lesson

T: Do you remember countries? Elicit: Yes Ss: Turkey, Mexico,Greece etc. T: I am from Turkey. and She ( point to the student) S: She's from Turkey T: Okay. Is heTurkey or Turkish? S: No he isn't, he is Turkish. T: What is it ? * T shows pictures from PPT and asks about the slides

Presentation (10 minutes) • To present the language to students so that they are able to do the tasks successfully.

- Present some pictures with sentences and T will elicit parts of speech from them. *CCQ T: What's this? Noun or an adjective? S: Adjective. T: What's this? S: Noun T will do the explanation and give the grammar rule slip and explain to the students and elicit more answers and drill with students

Practise (15 minutes) • Aim is to practise the presented language

T will give instructions T: Do it alone ICQ : Your friend or alone? S: Alone Ss will do it alone T gives handouts and they will do it alone check their answers with their partners next to them after its finished T gives the answers to the board and T gives instructions Ss Put the words together because they are mixed T: Illustrates one example and tells them to do it alone ICQ : together or alone ? S : alone T changes the rows and they check their answers when they are finished.

Production (15 minutes) • The aim of the production is that students will produce the language they learned

T: Look at these paper and you will ask and answer questions. T will also will present some keywords so that students can practise smoothly ICQ : demonstrate T: Do you have an American car? S: No, I don't Do you drink German Beer ? S: No I don't

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