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ppp listenning practise (daily routine)
elementary level


in this lesson students will learn about actions of daily routine by a listening activity.


Abc hand out 2
Abc flash cards
Schedrd1 DVD

Main Aims

  • - to help students with a listening practise for scanning and skimming
  • - to improve listening skill
  • - to teach ss new vocab about daily routine in addition to revising on the common ones

Subsidiary Aims

  • integrate listening into speaking and writing


warmer/Lead In (2-5 minutes) • revision on the common actions of daily routine.

- ss will be handed out worksheet No 1 individually. - Peer correction -Answer key

pre listening new vocab (2-5 minutes) • ss learn new vocab related to the daily routine

using flash cards for helping students : (get to work, get off work, work on a computer)

skimming questions for the listening practice (1-2 minutes) • getting exposed to questions help with easier skimming and avoid disraction

questions: who is speaker 1, speaker 2 ? about what?

while- listening (7-10 minutes) • listening for scanning

- read questions - listening - answering questions (S-T) including peer correction (S-S)

Post listening (free Practice) (10-23 minutes) • ss are able to use the vocab and expession learnt in expessing themselves.

- acitvity1 : in pairs, you (listener) ask your partner (the speaker) and write 3 senteneces about his daily routine. - activity 2: presentation, the listener will give a summary about his difference between the partner's daily routine and his EX:( Sam has breakfast at 9 am. i have breakfast at 8 am). - feedback including peer correction then teacher correction if needed.

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