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Use of adjectives in the context of describing jobs,Simple Present interrogative form
Beginner A1 level


In this lesson ss learn about adjectives in the context of a reading for gist, then reading for specific information.They will also be familiar with the place of adjectives in a sentence.They work on the question form of simple present tense in order to be able to ask and answer questions related to people's job .


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Main Aims

  • To practise the use of adjectives through a text in the context of describing jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise semi-controlled speaking and reading for gist and specific information


Icebreaker-Showing a picture (2-3 minutes) • Preparing ss with the topic of the session

Show the picture . What does Lord Duncan do? Elicit some answers.

Stage 1- Silent reading (2-3 minutes) • Reading for gist

Distributing the reading handout ,asking them to read it silently and trying to find the answer to the question on the board. "Is Lord Duncan's job a difficult job?"

Stage 2-Silent Reading (2-4 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Asking ss to read the interview one more time .This time trying to circle all the adjectives they see . Then check them with the partner sitting next to them .

Stage 3-Introducing new job adjectives (8-10 minutes) • To teach different adjectives in the context of jobs

Show ss the pictures .Elicit the ones known,teach the others. Give them a chance to listen to the words many times . Concept check,eg: Is it an interesting job? Yes/No What kind of job is it? Difficult/ Easy/Interesting /Boring/Exciting/Good/Bad/Safe/ Dangerous.(Use pictures and antonyms). Ask them to stand in circles ,give them the pics, ask them to pass the pics saying the adjs related. eg :" It's a difficult job."etc... Ask one group to stick the pics on the board .Give another group the scripts and ask them to stick them beneath the related pic. Write the adjs on the top of the board .Then write the phrase beneath. eg: A good job . An interesting job. Then I will elicit the place of the adjs in the sentence. Show the pic of a miner, ss say "a difficult job." "It's difficult." I ask"What kind of job does a miner have?" Ss say" It's difficult ." Show some other examples,ask and answer open pairs then distribute pics in groups and ask them to practice. Write the samples on the board. eg :" A difficult job." adj + noun "It's difficult." verb to be + adj

Stage 4-Silent Reading (8-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

This time I ask ss to read the interview again and underline the questions. Elicit one or two questions.Drill Do you work every day? Yes, I do No,I don't. Drill with open pairs and then close pairs. Write on the board.

Stage 5- Running dictation (10-15 minutes) • Practice on simple present open-ended questions

Divide them into groups .Name them after adjectives(good,easy,interesting,exciting). Stick a set of questions for each group on the wall .Ask each group to send a representative to read a question , memorise it,come back and dictate it to his group .Then another member will do the same thing until all the questions are dictated. In each group a volunteer will receive an occupation card.The other members aren't going to see the card.They will use the set of questions to find out about that person's job.

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