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intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will have a discussion about a newspaper articles using the jigsaw reading strategy based on reading three different articles . the lesson starts with a discussion about roads.this is flowed by jigsaw reading when students read and release three different articles about roads and the three expert groups go back to their home group. this strategy enables each student of a "home" group to specialize in one aspect of a topic. Ss meet with members from other groups who are assigned the same aspect, and after mastering the material, return to the "home" group and teach the material to their group members. With this strategy, each student in the "home" group serves as a piece of the topic's puzzle and when they work together as a whole, they create the complete jigsaw puzzle.


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Main Aims

  • To encourage and give students practice in speaking for fluency through the context by doing controlled and freer practice through the context of newspaper articles

Subsidiary Aims

  • To help build comprehension and provide clarification of new vocabulary and practice speaking fluency.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • Introduce the strategy and the topic to be studied

T starts the lesson with discussion about their houses and families and how people care for their purposes and protect it T will Ask questions like : 1- What you do if some one want to hurt your family or destroy your house ? 2- How do you protect your family and possessions ?

Pre reading Activity (8-10 minutes) • To provide a little information about what the Ss going to read and prepare them to read the articles and involve them into newspaper reading

T hands out the Ss three questions with expression picture about the situation T gives instructions to the Ss - read the three questions - discuss the answers with your neighbor Ss in pairs read and discuss the questions T asks question about the picture and listen to the SS then asks about the three questions WC answer and discuss the questions together

While Reading Activity (10-12 minutes) • To engage students to read for specific information from newspaper articles

T divides the Ss into three different groups and gives little ISCQs T sets three tables and divides the Ss names into three groups , every group on separate table These groups will be the Expert groups so every group will read a different articles and discuss the subject together Ss can take few notes or write few words to remember them later through discussion T monitors and helps and discusses with the Ss and asks CCQs T asks the Ss to change their groups and moved into the Home groups : - T writes A,B & C on the board and set the Ss through the cards names colors - T will rearrange and move Ss into different groups which have a different article - Ss from the Experts group can't work together again in the Home groups Every Ss set in his Home group T- gives the Ss the new instructions - set in your new group - ask your friend about what did he read - ask your friend about his article - discuss your friend Ss inside each group talks about what they have read in their Expert groups and everyone shell told his friends about his article and the whole group have a discussing about the three articles Ss will use their key words and notes that they recorded before in the Expert groups

Post-Reading Activity (10-13 minutes) • To practice speaking and involved about the articles through open discussion

Ss will discuss the whole three articles and say their opinions and discuss the subject of the lesson T encourage the Ss to have an open discussion so they can ask each other Ss will have a chance to practice speaking T asks CCQs - Are you agreeing with A - What do you think about what B said - can you support A

Free Time Activities (4-6 minutes) • To let Ss get about the articles and share ideas

T will give Ss HO to write a sentences or slogan that Supports his opinion Ss will do the task in pairs. Ss will choose the best one and say why did they like it and choose it.

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