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present simple
elementary level


This lesson will focus on the grammar topic 'present simple".By the end of this class SS will be able to use (positive and negative) present simple . They will be able to make sentences, ask questions and talk to each other.


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Main Aims

  • Grammar: present simple - introducing positive and negative forms, practicing using the verbs and being able to make questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • write sentences about their daily routine using present simple.
  • making group conversations using (I,we,they,you)
  • coming to the board to write present simple sentences as a group


Stage1: • Lead-in and presenting the verbs to SS

T will hold the cards of the verbs (sleep , eat , get up, work , drive, study). SS will read the cards. T will ask SS ( How often do we do these things? monthly/weekly/daily?). T will ask SS ( what do we call things we do daily? SS will elicit the words (habits, routines). T will hand out the name of the lesson (present simple) to visualize the main topic.

Stage 2 • Descovering present simple

The verbs photos will stay on the board. T will point to the verbs and make examples. T will ask the students to work as a group and try to make sentences about their daily habits. SS will correct each other.

Sage3: • Improving present simple form by CB exercise

T will hand out the CB exercise. T will Ask the SS to do practice 1 in groups. (3mins) T will check the answers with the SS

Stage 4: • positive and negative

T will write examples about positive forms on the board and SS will try to get its negative forms. SS will read and know the difference between them. T will show the students the correct way of writing and making sentences. T will make a table and ask the SS to make positive and negative sentences as a group game.

Stage 5: • positive and negative Exercise

T will ask the SS to do the Exercise in the CB In pairs . T will check the answers with the SS.

Stage 6: • Question forms (asking questions about daily routine)

T will ask SS questions Do you go to bed early? Yes, I do / No I don't T will write the answers on the board. SS will practice by making questions and ask each other in groups.

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