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Comparatives and Superlatives Teaching Practice 5
Intermediate level


In this lesson,Ss will practice the examples of comparatives and superlatives by speaking and gap fill exercises.Also the students will learn quantifiers.


Abc Gap-fill Handout

Main Aims

  • To work on language skills and to provide comparatives,superlatives and the meaning of the quantifiers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To work on productive skills' development by speaking and rewriting exercises.


Stage 1(Lead In) (3 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and to familiarise the students with the examples of comparatives and superlatives.

By showing pictures and students' participations making comparasions and to elicit the adjective ''big'',''beautiful'' and ''tall'' and the comaparative and superlative forms of these adjectives.

Stage 2 (5 minutes) • To work on grammar (comparatives and superlatives).

Tell Ss add -er to the adjectives that are one or two syllables to express superiority and to tell the usage of ''more'' for the adjectives that are three syllables.Also to talk about the irrregular forms.

Stage 3 (5 minutes) • To get students participate in the lesson

Ss find comparatives and superlatives from the reading passage.The teacher gives a quick feedback.

Stage 4 (2 minutes) • To get students familiar with the quantifiers.

Ss underlines the words(quantifiers)that are used before the comparatives and superlatives.The teacher gives a quick feedback.

Stage 5 (3 minutes) • To practice the quantifiers and their meanings.

Ss matches the names of quantiers with their meanings and the example sentences.The teacher gives answer key for the feedback.

Stage 6 (7 minutes) • To work on examples of quantifiers and to familiarise students for the next exercise.

The teacher asks students questions to elicit the quantifiers and show pictures.Ss practice the example sentences.The teacher drills the examples.

Stage 7 (5 minutes) • To provide controlled rewriting exercises for the practise of quantifiers.

The teacher gives handouts to students and Ss rewrite the sentences in pairs.The answers are discussed by the whole class.

Stage 8 (5 minutes) • To provide freer exercise for speaking in order to practice the comparatives and superlatives.

In two groups Ss talk about ana invention from the last 100 years.One student from each group writes the sentences that are discussed in their groups.

Stage 9 (5 minutes) • To give a chance to students to practise the language.

One of the students from each group reads their group's sentences and discuss with the other group.

Stage 10 (5 minutes) • To provide feedback

The teacher gives delayed feedback about the mistakes that are picked up during the lesson.

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