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Straightforward Elementary
Level: A2 (Elementary level


This lesson will focus on speaking skills, wh-questions and use of simple present tense.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of meeting someone new at a party

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Wh- questions and simple present tense in the context of meeting someone new at a party


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To engage students in the topic of the lesson.

I will personalise the topic by asking students to imagine that they are at a party and meeting someone completely new. Ask them what information they want to know about the person? We can have an open discussion about type of information that we might like to know and while students give the answers I write them on the WB.

Focus on Target Language (4-5 minutes) • Check and revise making questions.

Because my main aim for this lesson is fluency and accuracy (speaking skills) and my colleges worked on grammar and other skills, I will just find out if Ss need any help for formulating the wh questions. Students can use the prompt words from the board and try to make some questions Check if there are grammatical issues, especially if the Ss are using wh questions correctly. If they don't have major issues, I can move on to the main activity.

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To give students controlled practice to produce wh questions using simple present tense

Tell the Ss they are going to find out about other people in the class. Put them in pairs and give them photocopies. Give clear instructions about what they need to do: explain that they should work with their partner and help each other to write two questions for each of the six subjects. Explain that they can avoid any information if they wish. Do an example of two together on the board, e.g. How old are you? How many brothers and sisters have you got? Monitor while Ss working in pairs. Once they finished their questions ask them to compare their own answers to the questions.

Semi controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • To give students semi control practice to allow Ss to give answers from their own life. Develop Ss fluency and Accuracy

Ask Ss to stand up and tell them that they should go around the class asking other students their questions. For each questions they should try to find someone who gives a similar answer to their own. Tell them to make notes about the answers. Monitor W/C feedback: check their results. Ask if anyone found a person with similar answers. Ask if there were any questions that no one answered in an similar way. Ask if they got any surprising answers.

Follow up activity (7-10 minutes) • To give Ss to practice their productive skills to write full sentences

Ss working solo to write answers to their own 12 questions on a sheet of paper. The aim is to write full sentences. Ss sign the sheet - not with their name but with a key word they will remember easily. Exchange the sheet around the class and in pairs students try to identify the people from their answers . They keep a list of the key words and their guesses. Collect the sheets and say the key word, hear the class's guesses, (Ask who did such and such person and ask their guesses) find out if they guessed it correctly ask real person to come forward

Warm down activity- Spy game (4-5 minutes) • To give Ss to warm down after long lesson ( If there is any time left)

Play a game: I spy... Say my name is...and say I see or (I spy )something beginning with the letter 'O'. Ss have their guesses until they find the item. Next person can ask I see something with the colour red or I see something the shape of square, round, triangle etc.

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