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Oliver TP6 Time Expression Preps and Speaking
Elementary A2 level


During the course of this lesson, students will practice time expressions in the language (grammar) part of the lesson. As a follow-up, a speaking activity has been prepared to stimulate the productive skills of students.


Abc TP6 HO3 When, When, When
Abc TP6 HO4 Taking about my life (Gap fill)
Abc TP6 HO5 Taking about my life (Full dialogue)
Abc TP6 HO1 Crazy People
Abc TP6 HO2 Time expression Prepositions

Main Aims

  • Grammar: At the end of the lesson students will have a clear understanding of the usage of time expression propositions (in, at, on) by discovering this using the GD method.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: to provide students with a clear context (meeting somebody for the first time at a party) in order to have them practice both past tense (taught by previous teachers) and time expression prepositions.


Warm-up (5-6 minutes) • Have students mingle and practice upcoming grammar point without them knowing in a fun environment.

Put Ss in pairs using colored pens. Tell Ss that they are going to play a game called ‘Crazy People’. Distribute strips of paper (one sentence per student). Ask Ss to go around and ask each other’s sentences). Remind them that they are going to have a mini quiz afterwards. Ss should try to remember as much as possible. Have Ss sit in pairs, and explain them to fill out HO1. Distribute HO1. Give 2 minutes. To check answers have students go around again to find the correct answers and write it with a different color. See who’s got the most correct answers.

Time expression prepositions GD (8-9 minutes) • To consolidate Ss’ understanding of the usage of prepositions in time expressions through GD.

Show HO2 part 1 to Ss and explain that they are going to fill the gaps with ‘in, at, on’. Give them about 2-3 minutes time. Have students peer check to see what their pairs have done. Show HO2 part 2 to Ss. Tell them the answers are there. Have Ss do Part 2. Ask Ss to check . Drill time expressions from HO1: in 1902, in the morning, at 4:00 a.m., in December, at night, on my birthday, on the weekend, on Wednesday, in winter, in the evening.

When, When, When… (9-11 minutes) • To have Ss practice asking when questions and answering with time expressions and ‘ago’ in the context of past activities.

Show HO3 and explain task by saying that they are going to work in pairs and ask each other questions. Ss should take turns when asking questions. Distribute HO3 and do two examples for Ss to see how to do the task. Monitor Ss and offer help if needed. Note down mistakes and give delayed F/B Ask Ss to turn to their partners on their other side and give 3 pieces of info about their previous partner.

Taking about my life (16-17 minutes) • To have Ss practice the productive skill speaking by giving answers to questions about past events in two imaginary people’s lives.

Put Ss in groups of three using colored pens. Show HO4 and explain that they are going to complete the conversation between Alisa and Freddy party at a party. Distribute HO4. Give 6 minutes. Monitor to see if Ss are finished. After time is up give Ss HO5 with completed conversation. Ask Ss to check their answers for a minute. Group Ss into As and Bs. Give out stickers for Ss to see everybody’s group. Ss mingle randomly and start practicing. T asks Ss to change partners at certain intervals. Ss continue practicing dialog with new partners until finished. T asks Ss to switch roles.

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