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Elementary practical english 18 hr adult course - lesson 1 introduction
a1 - elementary level


This lesson will be an introduction to the course testing students level of english with a basic grammar review. The students will get to know each other by introducing themselves .


Abc ball
Abc p 10 and p11 gap fill
Abc p4 ss work book gap fill

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with a recap of basic grammar to prepare them for the context of the course

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and confidence in conversation with the intention of Ss getting to know each other


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To provide Ss with an opportunity to warm in to the lesson with a small game to get to know other Ss and the teacher

Ball game: Getting to know each other Basic q's written on w/b to engage Ss in the task. Ss throw a ball to each other asking and answering basic questions eg. My name is Mine, what is your name? Once all Ss have answered the 1st q, they continue with the game with q2.

Grammar focus (7-12 minutes) • To elicit from Ss their knowledge on basic grammar and recap the verb 'to be' and the pronouns

Elicit from Ss the pronouns and write on w/b Give 1st example of verb to be eg. I am ...Mine Give Ss w/s 1 (verb to be), Ss work in small groups or pairs . Monitor. Elicit answers from Ss. Take feedback.

Grammar focus (10-15 minutes) • To recall Ss knowledge of possesive adjectives and the articles

Elicit from students the possessive adjectives and write on the board next to the pronouns. Write on the w/b the articles (a/an/the /-) with a few examples underneath. Elicit from students the correct answer. Write the form on the w/b . a for consonants and an for vowels etc . elicit the first few answers from Ss monitor Ss to check answer key

Grammar focus -question words (5-7 minutes) • To remind Ss of question words - how , where , who etc

Write on w/b with big "?" "question words" Elicit question words from Ss Elicit example sentences from them. Form: Question word + verb + subject Ss to practice questions with partner

Language focus (12-15 minutes) • Part 2 - To enable Ss to introduce themselves and ask questions to strangers

Write 'Nice to meet you! ' on the board and ask Ss if they can tell you what it means Give an example. Introduce yourself to a Ss and say nice to meet you. Ss work in 2 groups to rearrange the cut out q's with the correct answers on the w/b. Group that wins 1st gains points. Ss go around the class and ask each other questions with answers. monitor and give feedback Ss fill in gap fill (p10) and p11. Elicit from Ss words similar to Turkish. Monitor and ask Ss to give feedback

Vocabulary focus (12-15 minutes) • To provide Ss with helpful questions they can use in and out of classroom

Write the questions one by one on the w/b . Give demonstrations of the q's. Play recording and Ss repeat .Elicit the stress on the w/b. W/s p 11 Ss to discuss in small groups. (match q's to pictures). Ex 2, pg 4 workbook. Ss work in pairs

Reading for gist and Grammar focus- be and Yes/No questions (18-25 minutes) • To allow Ss to learn how to use the verb be and ask questions

Reading for gist: Ss read conversation on p 12. Ss answer the 2 q's and answer similar q's. Write form on w/b. Ss to work in pairs . Elicit answers from Ss Complete table on p 12 with Ss. Ex C p 12 sb Ss work in small groups. Monitor. Ss check answers with each other Optional: EX 3 A wb Ss work in small groups . check with each other. EX3B Ss read and fill in gaps in groups of 3 monitor and take feedback Speaking exercise: Assign each Ss a card, in their groups they describe themselves like the conversation.

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