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TP2 / Mehmet Alparslan Kaya / 11.01.2019
Intermidiate level


Speaking and Writing. In this lesson, students will think and speak about their important memories and write a paragraph about it.


Abc Student Book, Handouts, Strips of papers

Main Aims

  • Students to be able to use the vocabulary they have learned and apply them through speaking and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • Provide students the narrative functions


Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • Warm up the Ss and engage them to the lesson

1) Teacher explains to students that they will speak about their memories and starts with his childhood one. 2) Teacher encourages them to write some notes what mostly they want to mention about. 3) Teacher makes pairs and encourages them to share their memories with each other for 3 minutes.

Speaking (10-15 minutes) • Teacher circulate and help pupils with vocabulary were necessary e.i means writing new words, phrases on the board

1) Teacher lets the Ss read the questions and discuss them in pairs. 2) Teacher calls pupils one by one to the whiteboard and ask them to write their partners' memories according to questions given in exercise 1b. 3) Teacher will prepare strips of paper for his Ss to write down their dates of birth and change their partners and collect them in order to ask questions about.

Writing (15-20 minutes) • Writing a paragraph about the important memories including the information in exercise 1b above

1) Teacher asks Pupils to write a short story based on their best memories. 2) Teacher asks Pupils to include write information to be clear and exact . 3) Teacher gives hints to Pupils as introducing a story by using ''I remember when..., it was about...years ago, it was my (member of the family or friend..., etc.), and describe the events as ''one way..., suddenly..., afterwhile..., etc, describing how they felt ''it was (a bit sad, good). 4) Teacher helps the students to end the story by using ''eventually, in the end...'' 5) Teacher display his Ss paragraphs around the class and ask Pupils to walk around and read the texts in order to choose their favourite one 6) Teacher asks Pupils about listening with interest.

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