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Receptive skills "Reading Lesson"
Intermediate level


In this reading lesson the Students will go through several stages and tasks such as:1( lead -in stage) to engage Ss in the lesson. 2( pre-reading stage) make the text accessible and pre-teach the difficult VOCAB. 3(while reading task 1) train Ss in a reading for gist task 4(while reading task 2) provide Ss with an intensive reading task 5(post reading stage) end the lesson with speaking task


Main Aims

  • by the end of this lesson,Students will be better able to read for gist and intensive reading in the context of Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of meaning and pronunciation of some words such as: survey , rejecting and reputation


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

After greetings, teacher will display a picture about ' facebook" account for someone and asking them this Questions 1-Do you think that there is any relationship between Your online reputation and rejecting from the job? 2-Do you agree or not with this statement: "Your online reputation is not something to be scared of, it's something to be proactively managed.

Pre-Reading stage. (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible and pre teaching some difficult words.

After MAKING DISCUSSION with the whole class about the topic which they gonna read about. Teacher show them the task. Giving them instructions and ask Ss to try to guess the meaning from table 1 and match the word with the meaning. the words are : reputation, survey and rejecting post feedback and peer- check TASK ICQs: Are you going to work in pairs or group? (pairs) Are you going to Match? (yes) How much time do you have to finish this task?( 3 min)

While-Reading 1 (7-10 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information reading/listening tasks.

After discussing the difficult words and predicting about the text. By asking SS what do you think this article is about? Is your online reputation is very important to get your dream job? Teacher will distribute the text to the whole class and asking: what is the missing part from the text ? Ss will answer the "title" T : Read quickly the text try to find the suitable title. your Title may be between 3 words to 6 words. Task IcQs; Are You reading quickly or slowly? ( quickly) How long is the title usually? (short) Do you need to understand every word or the main idea? (the main idea) peer check & feedback compare the title with your partner . Are you same or different? Teacher will discuss the whole class?

While-Reading 2 (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed of reading tasks.

In this stage Teacher will ask SS to read the text again and in this time read for more details and answer the questions below: 1- What is the result of the survey? 2-why did the candidates be rejected from their work? 3-what did the HR bosses say? the teacher will divide the class into 3 groups working with each other to read the text again and answer these questions by writing them down in the task sheet.( 7 min) Task ICQs: 1-Are you going to work in pairs or in groups? ( groups) 2- Are you going to Write or Say the answers? (write) 3-How much time do you have to finish this task? (7 min) ; ;

post reading stage( follow up task) (8-10 minutes) • to end the lesson with a productive task and to develop students' fluency on the topic and to make sure that react towards the topic through the well - formed production process.

- Teacher will ask them to stay in the same groups and discuss their opinion and share their experiences about their facebook profiles and how it may affect on the relationship withe others or even their career. Task ICQs: 1-Are you going to work in pairs or groups? 2-How much time do you have have ? 3-Are you going to discuss or write your opinions? while this stage TEACHER will moving around each group and monitoring writing down the mistakes on a piece of paper to correct them later on the feedback stage.

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