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Teaching practice 3
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson students brush up the quantifiers and how to use them with countable and uncountable nouns.The lesson follows a Test-Teach-Test sequence:I introduce the topic of food and check students understand quantifiers and can use them(through a fill-gap exercise).Then I clarify students' doubts.Finally I provide controlled practice to test them again.


Abc New Cutting edge,Upper intermediate Course Book
Abc Audio CD,track 7.5

Main Aims

  • Students practice the use of quantifiers with listening,some reading and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and listening


Lead-in/Test (9-10 minutes) • Find out what students know about quantifiers

Lead-in- I introduce the topic of food writing my shopping list on the board and check students understand quantifiers by eliciting expressions that describe quantities. Test- I ask them to complete the exercise at p.80 where they have to match both countable and uncountable nouns with quantifiers:first they listen to the recording to complete the sentences,then they can check answers in pairs,finally I check answers as a whole class.

Teach (10-12 minutes) • Clarify any doubts students have about quantifiers

I want students to analyze the test about food facts: 1) I ask them to underline the foods and decide which are countable and uncountable.ex.1a 2) I ask them to tell me if the quantifiers in the box are used with countable nouns,uncountable nouns or both.ex1b I provide examples if they have difficulties. 3)I ask them to analyze the sentences in ex.2 and find the differences in meanings.We analyze together the first sentence of the exercise. Then I ask them to finish the exercise in pairs. I use CCQ to check the answers.

Test (9-12 minutes) • Test students again on quantifiers

Practice 2 provides controlled practice to test students again. I present them the text and ask what kind of person is written for.I ask them to read it quicly and decide if it's a good advice for a lazy cook.Then I put students into pairs to complete the activity and check answers as a whole class.Checking answers I elicit explanations:students have to motivate their answers.

Feer practice (6-8 minutes) • Practice of speaking using the quantifiers

I divide students into 2 groups and each group has to write an advice sheet about a topic:students of Group one have to write a list about a beach holiday and what they choose to put in a small suitcase.Group two has to write a similar advice sheet about the topic of a party.I remind them to use quantifiers and I provide an example of an advice list on the board. When they have finished I ask them to presents their lists to the class.

Freer practice (6-8 minutes) • Practice the use of quantifiers

If time allows students can practice quantifiers through exercise n1. I explain them they have three boxes containing quantifiers and food vocabulary:they have to match them to create sentences that are true for them.I provide an example to explain the exercise. Students decide on their sentences individually and then compare answers with a partner.

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