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Holiday Activities
Elementary level


In this lesson, students are first prepped for some reading tasks on the topic of activities during the holidays. First students will be introduced to the topic where I will talk about what I like to do in the holidays and the different kinds of holidays. Students will then think and write about what they like to do in the holidays. Students will then match activities with pictures. Students will then be asked to read a text (for gist) and, this time, match the courses in the text with the pictures. Students will again read the text (for specific information) and assign people a course. Finally students will be asked what course they would chose to do during the holidays and why?


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about activities in the holidays in the context of sport, food, music, photography

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of holiday activites in the context of sport, music, food, art


Warmer/Lead-in (7-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Check meaning of holidays. Using a spider diagram and print out pictures I will talk about what I like to do in the holiday.. I will elicit new vocabulary through the photographs to include: have fun - have fun with friends/make friends - make cake - prepare dinner/play music/paint

Pre-Reading/Listening (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

Taking down images from spider diagram, students are given a picture of an activity. In pairs student must write the activity on the picture. Group check of matches through asking pair to match images to activities written on the board from spider diagram.

While-Reading/Listening #1 (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information reading/listening tasks

Look at pictures on textbook copy. Students must match pictures to activity names. Check group. Students asked to read the text about courses on during the holidays. Students must match these pictures with the course. Give example. Pair check. I check group.

While-Reading/Listening #2 (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading/listening tasks

Students asked to re-read text. Students match person to a course. Give thorough example of the first. Split class into 2 teams: Team A and Team B. Instruct to compare and write final answers. Group check by comparing and giving points to teams.

Post-Reading/Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

Present Q to class: What do you like to do in the holidays? Write three sentences about what you like to do in the holidays. Chose individuals to ask. Final Q: In pairs, Talk - which course would you chose? why? Give example: Course 4. Why? I like to eat food and I like to go to restaurants.

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