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TP2 - Away From Home-Sofasurfing -Simple present
Beginner, A2 level


In this lesson students focus on grammar and learn to use the simple present tense.


Abc Course book copies
Abc White board and markers
Abc Handouts - grammar practice

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of simple present tense in the context of personal information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students controlled speaking practice to develop spoken accuracy.


Warmer/Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • Practice speaking

First I group the class into 4 groups using the A, B, C, D grouping tactic. I expect to have circa 24 students - so about 6 students would be in each group. I refer to Jamal's lesson and ask a student from each group to give me a sentence from his/her profile on the topics: 1. "What is your profession ?" - I am a doctor 2. "What languages do you speak?" - I speak Turkish and English 3. "Do you live in a house or an apartment?" - I live in a house 4. "Do you like music?" - Yes, I like music. I ask students to recognize the VERB in these sentences. I explain what a verb is to those sts that might not know it (remember this is a varied class). I say - "A VERB is something you do, action". Together with sts I underline the verbs in those aforementioned sentences. Now I draw the verb SMILE and demonstrate on the WB I,you, he, she, it we, they. Now Each group will have its own verb (am, speak, live, like) that it must do as I demonstrated. Then I post the answers on different corners of the room and ask them to check their answers.

Exercise 4. Present Simple positive sentences (10-12 minutes) • To review and practice the present simple tense

I give everyone a copy from the course book. I give clear instructions to look at the top of the page,. exercise 4 a. I ask "What are the words in the exercise?" I ask "Are they nouns?" Are they adjectives?" If I feel that they do not seem to know the difference I explain it to them. Sts will work in PAIR on this. I explain that they must complete the sentences with the assigned VERBS. I do an ICQ and ask them "What will you complete the sentence with? or Will you write nouns?" I give sts 2 minutes to complete the exercise. I play the recording 1.25 to check the answers. and then we go through the answers together.

Exercise 5. Read and complete sentences with verbs (8-10 minutes) • Practicing Simple present

I ask everyone to look at exercise 5. I demonstrate the first sentence and then then instruct sts to read the text and fill in the blanks with verbs. I do an ICQ. They have 4 minutes to do this. I go through the answers with them on the WB.

More exercises - Verb noun collocations practice (10-15 minutes) • To make students interact and speak

Divide students into 2 big groups, A and B and sub groups A1, A2 and B1, B2. To demonstrate I chose a student and give him one card with a sentence, while I hold the matching verb to his/her sentence. Group A1 receives cards with 5 sentences containing verbs Group A2 receives cards with 5 nouns. Group B1 receives cards with 5 sentences containing verbs Group B2 receives cards with 5 nouns. I instruct the to match their cards with the correct answers. I give them, about 2 minutes to mingle, speak and find their correct matches. Then I ask the pairs to stand together and I ask them to read out their sentences. I give the students another set of sentences to match, but this time I swap the verbs/ sentence cards. Finally they can check their sentences on the classroom walls.

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