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Analyze an Issue - GRE
CEFR C1 level


In this lesson, we are going to cover the first session to Analyze an Issue task of the GRE. The class starts with a topic and moves through the steps one needs to take in order to successfully write a critical essay on an issue.


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Main Aims

  • To Introduce the Analyzing an Issue Task of GRE Writing Section

Subsidiary Aims

  • Prepare students to think critically
  • Empower the students to write an organized critical essay


Lead In (6-7 minutes) • To set lesson context

The teacher writes the following topic on the board and asks the students to work in pairs and restate the issue in their own words. Topic: “The luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life prevent people from developing into truly strong and independent individuals.” Hint: Try replacing the verb "Prevent" with "Create" In the end, the teacher focuses the students' attention to the parts of the topic. A) Luxuries and Conveniences B) Contemparary Life

Opposing View (6-7 minutes) • To help the students Develop their critical thinking skills

Ask the students to work in pairs and try to come up with the opposing view. e.g.“The luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life have made it possible for individuals to pursue their passions and develop their personal strengths.” Then identify the parts of the issue: A) Pursue B) Passion C) Personal Strength

Choose a Side (1-2 minutes) • Start of collaborative writing process

Now, ask the students to choose a side, either agree or disagree with the issue. i.e. to either side with the issue or the Opposite view. Then, ask the students to form groups of three. In each group, two of them should share a similar stance and one must be of a different opinion.

Thesis Sentece (3-5 minutes) • Start the writing process

Ask the students to write a thesis sentence, in their groups, in which they are to clarify their stance and choose a side. N.B. remind the students that the thesis sentence is the most important sentence in their writing and it should be elegant i.e.: 1. Short and Sweet 2. Manifest your Stance The teacher must give feedback on both on language and more importantly on the effectiveness and elegance of the thesis sentence and give suggestions to improve their Thesis sentences.

Body Paragraphs (16-20 minutes) • Help the students write body paragraphs collaboratively

Instruct them that each member of the group must write a body paragraph focusing on one of the points highlighted in the lead-in and the critical thinking stage, as highlighted in powerpoint. Hint: Remind the students to provide specific reasons and examples to support their argument. The teacher monitors the groups and provides help when needed.

Conclusion (4-6 minutes) • To help students write a concluding paragraph

The teacher asks the groups to write a concluding paragraph in which they need to restate the thesis and body, they need to be careful not to introduce any new information.

Writing the Intro (5-7 minutes) • Prepare the students to finish their essays

Now, the teacher asks the students to finish up writing the introduction paragraph in their groups. Remind the students that they need to introduce the topic in this paragraph.

Explanation of the Task (7-10 minutes) • Elaborating on the Analyzing an Issue Task of GRE

Now, the teacher explains the Analyzing an Issue Task of GRE to the students with references to the stages and things that have been done during the session. 1. The teacher explains the steps taken for in this task 2. The teacher explains the GRE scoring rubric 3. The teacher explains the common themes in GRE

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