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the oscars
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In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to Discover vocabulary about films, speak about the topic ,improve their reading skills and practice the New learned information. First of all, 2 students give a speech like the 2 famous people who won the Oscar award and gave a speech , in order to get engaged and be close to learning.(2 students will have a speech like 2 given famous people.) Then the teacher teaches the new words using the new situation which is made by ss due to the role play and writes them on the board.then the teacher plays Lady Gaga's winning Oscar clip.and asks personalized questions and asks ss to use the new words in their speaking.. As the while-reading, ss will read the text in pairs. Each 2 ss read 1 pragraphof the text .at the end each group shares what they understood from thier part and ask others some related questions in order to have a short discussion for each paragraph which each time 2 ss are the leaders. When this activity ends, they skim through the whole text .then each group makes 2 T/F questions and asks others. The teacher gives each s a paper which includes a heading.each s has to choose the correct paragraph for the given heading and others can share their opinions about that.(some headings are odd.) Finally, the teacher asks ss to share their last words of the lesson and the discussions.


Abc Lady Gaga's clip, white board, computer, the main book, headings on pieces of paper
Abc role play/ pictures
Abc whiteboard/ computer
Abc book / pieces of paper with headings on

Main Aims

  • to strengthen the reading skills of learners (trying to lead a discussion and make good questions ), and increasing learners self confidence by role play and discussion leading, in the context of the oscars.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to strengthen the learner's speaking ability and teach some new words through a real but unreal situation(the role plays)


Warmer/Lead-in (13-15 minutes) • to introduce the topic, engage students and create a friendly atmosphere

1. ask the 2 students to play roles and give their speeches 2. ask other students if they are interested in celebrities and why 3. show some pictures of famous actors and ask students if they know them or not and what they know about them.(elicit the oscar)

pre-reading (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible To pre-teach the words which might hinder the understanding of the whole text

1.use the created atmosphere to teach the new words.(elicit each new word from the students ) 2.write them on the board (speech, result, cermony, prize) 3.ask students to repeat the word after you to learn the pronunciation. 3. Play the Lady Gaga clip and ask students to listen to her words. CCQ 4.once it finishes, ask students some questions: _do u know her? what is in her hand? (prize) _have you ever won a very important prize ?(encourage ss to use the word "prize") _how does it feel to be a winner?(encourage ss to use the word "winner") _what would you say if you were her in that ceremony?(encourage ss to use the word "cermony") _what did make her win this prize? Do u think it is the result of hard work?(encourage ss to use the word "result") _if you were her, what would you say in your speech ?(encourage ss to use the word "prize")

While-Reading (25-30 minutes) • to provide students with opportunity to fully focus and comprehend the text. and lead a discussion with related topics

PartA 1.give instructions(ask them to be in pairs .they will have 3 minutes to read their part ,comprehend it and make some questions about it.) IcQ: _how much time have you got for this activity? _are u going to do it in pairs or individually? _how many questions can u have?(2-5) 2.ask each pair to ask their questions from others and make a short discussion. Part B 1.give instructions(ask them to read the whole text individually within 2 mins.) IcQ: _how much time have you got for reading the whole text? _should u read a paragraph or the whole text? _are you going to do it individually or in pairs? 2.ask students to make some T/F or WH questions from the text. 3. Each student asks others her/his question and checks if they are wrong. 4.give students pieces of paper with realted paragraph headings on. 5.ask ss to tell the class the heading and the correct paragraph .(other ss can share their ideas but finally the teacher will confirm ).some headings are odd and the students cannot choose a paragraph ,so that the teacher can understand whether deep comprehension has happened or not.

post-Reading (10-12 minutes) • To allow students to consider all the happenings and words in the class and express their conclusion out of the reading .

_ask ss to say their last words and their conclusions from the text and discussion. _Ask students what their ideas of the session and the lesson are.

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