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TP 2a
B2 level


In this lesson, after talking about some internet sites shortly, Ss will share their comments and ideas answering a question about the power of internet with their partners. Students will read a short paragraph about a bbc documentary programme and watch the programme after the key words such as 'cencorship' and 'pioneer' are introduced in the context of internet. During the lesson, Ss will find an opportunity to watch a short, authentic bbc programme, talk about internet and its powerful impact on the world. By doing 'matching and ordering' exercises in a group work, students will be able to study effectively on comprehension tasks during the lesson. Finally, the lesson will be finished with another group work in which Ss discuss about the negative/positive sides of internet, the best reasons to use internet and a quote about relationship between the web and mankind.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about revolutionary impact and effects of internet in the context of Internet

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a group work, pair work in the context of internet and its impact on the world.


Introduction to Lesson (5-6 minutes) • To focus the students on 'Internet' and Internet sites'

First of all, Ss look at the 'Word Search Puzzle' on the board. The students try to find the secret word (INTERNET SITES) in the puzzle. During the second step, teacher shows his 3 favorite internet sites to the Ss and asks them to get information about the sites by asking questions to the teacher. Students individually asks questions and try to find out about more information about the internet sites. After the teacher gives a short feedback about his favorite sites, he asks the students to work in pairs and write their favorite 3 internet sites. A student nominated in each pair shares his/her partner's favorite sites with the class quickly.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To enable learners to learn a necessary words that can be used to talk about 'impact of internet'

GW: Ss discuss the question 'How has the internet changed the world?' The teacher gives feedback. PW: Ss checks their comments with the sentences and especially with the expressions written in bold in exercise 2a, PW: Cut ups are given to the Ss and the students match the expressions with their meaning. A student in each pair shares the answers. Teacher gives feedback checks students whether they understand the meaning of expressions in bold, especially 'pioneer and cencorship'. He might also deal with the pronunciation a little bit as well.

Pre-Listening Task (1-2 minutes) • To enable learners to get the general idea about the dvd programme they are going to watch.

There are two questions in part 3. First, students read the questions. They read the paragraph in a minute and discuss the questions in pairs. Then, a student in each group share his/her answer with whole class. In the end, teacher gives feedback if necessary.

Listening for Specific Details (20-25 minutes) • To enable students to improve their ability to listen for gist.

The students read the sentences on the cut ups (Ordering - Activity 1)first quickly and make sure that they understand what they are going to order exactly.Then they try to order the sentences while the dvd plays in ex 4. Ss checks his/her partner's answers.(Pair check). In ex 5a, Ss watch the programme again and match the people to extracts using cut ups. (Matching - Activity 2). Ss checks his/her partner's answers. (Pair check) . Finally, the teacher gives feed back.

Speaking-Group Discussion (5-7 minutes) • To enable learners to improve their speaking skill in the context of negative/positive sides of the internet,

GW: Ss discusses the questions in exercise 5c in groups and the teacher monitors, guides,supports and correct the common mistakes at the end of the discussions. At the end of the lesson, a student nominated in each group might share his/her group's answers, too.

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