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Rod Turner TP8: Grammar (Going to & Will)
English Upper-Intermediate level (B2) level level


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Main Aims

  • For the SS to understand and use will, going to, present simple and present continuous with future meaning in the context of optimism and pessimism.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice listening for gist and specific information in context of optimism and pessimism


Warm Up \ Lead in (5-10 minutes) • Set the context for the listening and grammar

Next I will elicit the words optimism and pessimism from the students by showing images of a happy and sad person after telling them the people are thinking about the future. Eliciting questions: Optimistic: 1. Is this person happy or sad in the picture? Expected answer: happy. 2. Do you think this person is thinking about something positive or negative? Expected answer: positive. 3. What do we can someone who is thinks positive and hopeful about something? Expected answer: Optimistic. Pessimistic: 1. What is the opposite of optimistic? Expected answer: Pessimistic.

Listening Exercise 1 (5-10 minutes) • Listening for gist in the context of optimism or pessimism

The students will be asked to listening for gist in the context of optimism or pessimism with 5 audio files. With the section of handout that goes along with the listening, the students will tick the correct speakers for each question. Check with peers. I will nominate students for answers.

Listening Exercise 2 (5-10 minutes) • Listening for certain information and marking T/F

Students will work in pairs to work on listening exercise 2 which asks them to listen to the audio files again and mark if the statements are true or false. Check with different peers. I will nominate students for answers.

Grammar Exercise 1 (10-15 minutes) • Complete the rules with the form

The students will be instructed to work in Grammar Exercise 1 which tell them to complete the rules with the form in brackets. This will give them practice and understanding when to use - present simple, present continuous, be going to, and will. I will break them up in different groups by number, and get the answers from them after monitoring their progress.

Listening Exercise 3 (5-10 minutes) • Freer speaking in the context of optimism and pessimism.

I will have the students get into groups and answer are they optimistic about any of the things that the speakers mention? I will pass out the transcripts of the audio for students to reference.

If time activity: Going to will (0-10 minutes) • Freer grammar practice using Going to will

If there is time, I will have the students in their groups, come up to the board and provide 1 example using going to and 1 example using will in the context of something in the future. The other groups will check to make sure if it is right. Double points if they can incorporate the words optimism and pessimism.

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