Haytham Elboushi Haytham Elboushi

Children level


Abc Flash Cards

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of five words in the context of everyday life.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide pronunciation of five words form everyday life.


Lead in (1-3 minutes) • To catch Ss attention

Some streching exercises.

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (4-7 minutes) • To unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text

Show the Ss the images of the words and repeat their pronunciation with the Ss pace and the same order.

Teaching the words (5-7 minutes) • Put the words in sentences

Ss standing up listening and watching the teacher saying the sentence and acting it with boday gestures. Ss repeat after the teacher.

Listen and do (4-10 minutes) • Testing Ss understanding

Teacher sits and Ss stand and listen to the teacher saying the sentences to do them. The Teacher asks them in group and individually.

Rhythmic Support (4-10 minutes) • Fun way to memorize the words

the teacher says the words and clap his hands 3 times after each word and Ss clap their hands with the teacher.

What is missing? (5-10 minutes) • Testing Ss

Images on the board. Teachers ask the Ss to close their eyes and takes one of the images out. Ss should know which image is missing.

I do they guess (5-10 minutes) • Testing Ss

The teacher acts the words out and asks the students to say the sentence that explains his action.

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