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Upper Inter level


Ss learn about phrasal verbs to talk about money


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Phrasal verbs in the context of money

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in speech fluency in the context of money


lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to engage learners and activate their previous knowledge of the topic area

- T. shows slide 1. Ask ss if they have an idea what the class will be about. - T shows slide 2. Ask ss to work in pairs and make a list of 5 things they can do in their country to earn money. - Ss work in BR and discuss - T conducts OCFB and nominates 3 students to list their answers

text-work (5-7 minutes) • to expose learners to the target language

- T shows slide 3. - Instructions: Read the text and think of a possible title. Send your ideas in the chat box. You have 2 minutes. - ICQs: Do we read for specific information or the general idea? (general idea) - T. sends text in chat box - T conduct OCFB T shows phrasal verbs in text and highlights them

language clarification (10-15 minutes) • MFP of target language

- T. shows slide 4 explain roughly what phrasal verbs are. with example of phrasal verbs with multiple meanings. - T shows slide 5. What is a phrasal verb? T explains the form of phrasal verbs - T shows slide 6, elicit right phrasal verb and cover Meaning and Pronunciation CCQ’s : - Save up. (keep money to buy something in the future) What do you do with your money? (you keep it) For when do you keep it? (future) I am saving up for a new surfboard - Pay off (give all or the last part of an amount that you owe) Are you still in debt? (no) Do you give money? (yes) I want to pay off my debts as soon as possible. - Rent out (allow something that you owe to be used by someone who pays you for using it, it is in general) Are you exchanging something for money? (yes) Are you selling it? (no) When I’m on vacation, I rent out my bike to my neighbour When I’m on vacation, I rent my bike out to my neighbour - Let out (to allow someone to use your room/building in exchange for money, it is about property and for a fixed period) Are you the one doing the action? (yes) Are you exchanging the use of your house for money? (yes) Is the exchange for a fixed period of time? (yes) I let out my house to my aunt. I let my house out to my aunt. - T. shows slide 7 and nominate 4 students to read and answer the questions.

controlled practice (8-8 minutes) • to provide controlled practice of the target language

- T shows activity on Google Forms. Demos the first question - Students have 3 minutes to answer the questions individually. - Send ss to BR to discuss their answers in pairs. (3 min) - OCFB

Freer practice (7-10 minutes) • to allow the students to use the language fluently

- T shows slide 8 and gives instructions: Work in groups: discuss these four statements and see if you agree/disagree. - T. elicit phrasal verbs and highlights them. - Send ss in BR (4 minutes) Extra activity if there is some extra time left: - Ss have to make their own sentences with the phrasal verbs provided on slide 8.

Feedback • to provide learners with feedback on the completion of the task and language

- T conducts OCFB following up on the freer practice. - T writes on the screen samples of learners’ production, let learners identify the correct and incorrect sentences and correct the latter ones. - T conducts OCFB

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