Sheila Karnath Sheila Karnath

Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson Students will choose images to represent their characteristics. Secondly, they will complete a gap filling activity, they will explain their choices to the pairs.


Main Aims

  • to activate and practice language related to personal characteristics.

Subsidiary Aims

  • get to know each other


Modeling activity • To help students apply some adjectives related to the images and themselves

the teacher uses a sample image to explain the activity, She tells some about herself

Individual gap filling activity • students selects images adjectives describing themselves

The students view and select five images representing themselves, and they fill the gaps.

review in pairs • students describe their choices to each other

While students share their ideas and emotions, the teacher monitors them and If it is needed she helps to provide adjectives

additional • If there there is time left , students can discuss an image representing the class

a group discussion of adjectives representing the class and an election at the end.

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