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TP4 Reading and writing
beginner level


In this lesson Ss will practice reading and will work on an article about live,work and study .The lesson starts with a pre-reading task that is related to topic then get Ss to skim and scan the text.Finally , there are post -reading task where students have discussion about the text.


Abc visual materials
Abc Guessing exercise handout
Abc gap fill handout and match handout
Abc Audio files

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with a context to practice reading for gist specific information and details and writing for production.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of grammar like and dislike


Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • To practice the pronunciation of related previous lesson lexis

T set up flower man game which is a quick and easy game that requires nothing more than ability to spell. T makes up a secret word, while Ss try to guess the word by asking what letters it contains .Ss have time to guess until T completes the flower.leaves and stem after game then T get Ss to drill the pronunciation.

Pre-teach vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • To pre-teach key lexis needed to help students understand the reading text and complete the next task.

T uses projector to show pictures and get Ss to be more familiar with the context and makes Ss to guess about it then give sample for making sentences about pictures then T wants Ss to make sentences about themselves and call some of Ss to write on the board and work together.

Reading practice and listening (12-15 minutes) • Get Ss to understand the text in more depth

T gives Ss HO and wants Ss to focus on the photo then skim the reading to understand positive and negative signs that indicate the verb form in the later step T get Ss listen to recording and complete the task then replay the recording to check it . In the end T write answers on the board.

Reading task (10-11 minutes) • check Ss to understand the reading

T gives Ss HO with titles that they should make sentences depend on their own interest (I like Rock music or I don t like Rock music) and T gives them a sample to make them know about what they supposed to do and get them to share ideas with partner in the end T get the some Ss sentences to write on the board.

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