Abdul Hamid Salah Elguindy Abdul Hamid Salah Elguindy

TP 8
B1 level


In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to king Tut 'a pharoah king' and the doubts that he was murdered. Ss will practice reading for gist, specıfic information and reading for a detailed comprehension about the murder of king Tut. The teacher will introduce some murdered presidents, kings or queens and Ss will discuss in they already know them or not. Ss will practice reading a text for gist and match up the sticking headings around the class with their suitable paragraphs. After that the Ss will read for specific information as they will read the text carefully searching for answers to some questions. Finally, Ss will read for detailed information to answer the multiple questions. The lesson ends with a discussion about any strange murder they know. There will be an extra activity for strong Ss in case they finish any activity early or for the WC if they finish all together early


Main Aims

  • Reading an article about the murder of king Tut.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading for gist, specific information and detailed comprehension on an article about the murder of king Tut.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the context in an interesting way.

Ss look at pictures of murdered kings and presidents on the board and discuss in pairs if they know any of them trying to guess why were they murdered?

Pre-reading (6-8 minutes) • Introduce difficult vocab to prepare the students for the while reading stage.

Ss look at pictures on the board and and look at the vocabulary on the desk in the middle of the class and stick each word to its suitable pictures. Ss read the words and the teacher stands behind the Ss and repeat after them. If the Ss want to listen to the pronunciation of the word once more from the teacher repeat the same word once more and the teacher say it again. If the teacher hear any mispronunciation, asks the Ss to read again. Will you write? Will you read? Will you stick the pictures? Do you work in pairs? Do you work individually? Do you read the words?

While-reading (4-6 minutes) • Reading for gist

Ss skim the paragraphs on the wall about king Tut and look at the given headings and match each one with its suitable paragraph. Ss check their answers in pairs and then with the whole class. The teacher writes the answers on the board.

While-reading (9-11 minutes) • Reading for specific information.

Ss scan the text individually and answer the gap fill activity. Ss check their answers with a partner then with the whole class.

While reading (7-9 minutes) • Reading for details

Ss will read the text quickly for the last time to answer the multiple choice questions. Ss answer individually and check their answers in pairs. The teacher monitors the Ss to check their answers, if there are a lot of mistakes, the teacher write the Ss answer on the board.

Post reading (4-6 minutes) • To extend their ability of speaking.

Ss sit in pairs and look at the questions on the board, think of answers to these questions and speak about it with partners. Ss could invent any murder if they do not know any real murder. Ss exchange their partner and tell him/her about his/her story.

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