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Possessives ('s & s')
AME 1 / Lesson 4A level


Ss have learned about the possessive adjectives in lesson 1A and they know how to possessive thing to each other. Lesson will start with question about girlfriends and boyfriends of 2 singers and T will connect the engagement to study part .


Abc Pair work/ handout

Main Aims

  • The main aim is that Ss learn and understand how to possessive something or someone and how to ask possessives' questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • For this part actually Ss will have some practices and chance to make an example


Possessives ('s or s') (1-5 minutes) • Engagement

In this part I will show some photo of 2 singers (Arta and Kourosh ) with their girlfriends and I want Ss in Paris talk about them about their job and ... Before I will ask ICQs . Now I give some feedbacks.

Possessives ('s or s') (5-7 minutes) • Study

I will write some related sentence with engagement part and then I will say that Arta is one person how about 2 or more people? How can we possessive the irregular plural nouns? After this part I will say how about students? How can we possessive these regular plural nouns? After this part T will ask CCQs and read some sentences that Ss repeat that . Then T will make an example first and then Ss will make . Finally T will write Ss examples 's and s' with different color

Possessives ('s or s') (5-8 minutes) • Activation

T will give Ss sone examples of book for controlled Practice and another part for semi controlled Practice and finally Ss will ask their partner ask and answer questions. ICQ before every part of the activation

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