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Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn about asking and giving directions.


Abc A city map handout
Abc Gap-fill handout

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give controlled & freer practice of the language of directions in the context of finding your way around a place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen for details


Warm-Up (3-5 minutes) • Getting ready for the topic

Before class teacher put the map from the New Headway, Beginner student book, page 64 on a PPT so we can refer it easily during the lesson. Teacher will show the mapt to the students and tell a story about the map. (I am going to England for vacation. I just got this map but I cannot find places. Can you help me, please? etc) So we will have a general idea about how well students be able to use pre-positions.

Pre-activity (2-3 minutes) • Being able to pronounce "turn right", "go straight on" and "turn left"

Write the following terms on the board: Turn right, Go straight on and Turn left. Draw the signs on WB. Drill each of them with whole class and also individually. With whole class match the correct sign with the terms.

Listening Activity (10-12 minutes) • To listen for detail and to give controlled oral practise of "the directions"

Tell students that they are going to listen to some directions which they have to follow on the map. Tell students to find the start point "You are here" on the map. Play the first conversation and demonstrate for the students. When you play for the rest of the conversation, pause after each one, let them find their final destination. After completing the conversations, pair the students and ask them compare their answers. Play the audio one more time and let the students finalize/check their answers. Check the answers with whole class. If there are problems with the answers, read the text aloud.

Pre-speaking activity (1-2 minutes) • Getting ready to speaking activity intonation

Drill the terms "Excuse me!" and "Is there a .. near here?" with WC and individually. Pay attention to the intonation of the questions.

Speaking activity (6-7 minutes) • To give controlled oral practise of "the directions"

Pair the students. (Make sure you have different pairs than previous activity) Tell them, using the giving places on their HO, make a similar conversation with their partner. Demonstrate the first given place "a cinema"

Speaking Activity (10-11 minutes) • To give freer practice to give "directions"

Pair the students. Ask them to ask and give directions to places in their own city or neigbourhood. Get one pair to demonstrate the conversation.

Wrap - Up (4-5 minutes) • Summarising the lesson and the lesson objective

Put the students into groups (2 or 3) Hand each group a big piece of paper and ask them to create their own map with maximum 5 places. Ask them to put their maps on the WB and give directions to the teacher.

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