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Copy of Listening & Speaking
Pre intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practise listening & speaking. We will also focus on agreeing, disagreeing and asking for opinions.


Abc hand outs, bits of paper
Abc F2F Pre-Int Unit 4D ex.1,2,3,6

Main Aims

  • to integrate listening and speaking skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • functional language for agreeing and disagreeing


Warmer (2-5 minutes) • to engage the students in the context of the next stage

I stick the photo of the famous Turkish anchorman ( Ali Kirca) on WB and ask them about him and his programme. Then SS discuss in groups what kind of topics that are discussed / debated in the programme. Then I get their FD and writing some couple of those.

Pre-listening (3-5 minutes) • to prepare the students for the listening

I will ask them to work in pairs to answer the questions (ex.1) the questions will be on a piece of paper. ICQ After they discuss in pairs, I ask them to report each others' answers.

While Listening #1 (3-5 minutes) • to improve their listening & speaking questions

I will ask them to answer the questions alone (Ex. 2.a) while listening (R4.9) handing out the worksheet. When they finish check the answers with the class.

While Listening #2 (10-15 minutes) • To make them practise listening skills more

Students will listen to the TV programme (R.4.10) and answer the question with the group and then we will check the answer with the class. (Ex 2. b) Students will listen again and answer T/F questions alone and check the answers in pairs. We will check the answers with the class at the end. Instruction will be given before the actives.

agreed or disagreed? (3-5 minutes) • learning "agree or disagree"

I will put 3 columns on WB. (check the students clear with the headings.) I will stick the phrases on WB and then ask them to replace to the right column. Give a demo and let them do the rest.

practising agreeing & disagreeing (7-10 minutes) • To make them practise Target Language

Before Ex 6 I will say couple of sentences and ask them to use the target language. Ex 6 a & b: I will give them some questions on a piece of paper and get them to think why they agree / disagree with them. (I will give the instruction and a time limit in advance.) Then I will get them to work in pairs ask their partners for their opinion on the sentences and the answers should be with the phrases on the board.

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