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Vocabulary for family and work
A1 level


In this lesson, students learn and practice basic vocabulary for family and work through making exercises and activities. The lesson starts with a presentation of vocabulary for relatives. They listen to the recordings and practise saying the words. The learners work in pairs, discussing their families,


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Main Aims

  • To present and practice basic vocabulary for family and work

Subsidiary Aims

  • clarification of grammar for she\he and her\his, presenting "they are"


Warmer\Lead in • To set the lesson Context and engage students

T introduces himself and writes the name on the WB. T writes the word family on the WB and checks SS' knowledge of the words related to the topic. T-S feedback (asking simple questions

Pre-Teaching vocabulary • To help SS become aware of basic vocabulary for the topic family

T gives HO with pictures of members of family and related exercises. Asks simple questions to check that SS understand vocabulary by looking at the pictures.

Gist task • To provide SS with less challenging gist listening. To make clarification of She\He and Her\his\ They are

SS listen to the recording, answering the questions about the people and writing numbers with members of the family. SS work in pairs discussing pictures and trying to define male and female relatives WCF

• To let SS check answers and expand on what they have learned

SS work in pairs checking each other T monitors the group WCF

Working on pronunciation • To model the sounds of the full form and the short form: They are friends\They're friends

Students listening to the recording. T writes both forms on the WB. SS match pictures with sentences. T-SS work on TH sound.

• To teach basic vocabulary for work

T elicits students' professions to check the basic vocabulary for work. T gives HO to SS giving instructions about the task

Listening • To make SS be able to answer the simple questions related to Work topic, to practice pronunciation of vocabulary

SS listening to the recording and answer the questions. T provides SS with vocabulary on the WB and get SS to make a note of it and practice pronunciation

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