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CELTA lesson plan - 6
B2 level


In this lesson Ss practice different skills of listening and speaking and they learn vocabulary in a personalize manner related to the topic of deceiving and couriering acts.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice on listening skills for gist and detailed information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss with speaking practice in personalized way.
  • Focus on vocabulary (metaphors) in a student-centered way.


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To drive Ss attention to the TL of the lesson and prepare tem for the receptive activity

There are two different envelops. I give each two students an envelope with same number of paper pieces but different paintings and ask them to make the picture and look at it carefully if they now the name of the painting and the painter. I set the time and they do the activity like a race. When the time is over I ask them to put the pieces back to envelope and explain some detail about the painting for their pairs. Information like: what is the name of the painting? Who is the painter? What is the painting about? How many people are in the it? Where is it? or any other specific detail.

Vocabulary presentation (3-5 minutes) • Pre teaching vocabulary of the listening, pronunciation practice

I show them a slide show for conjurer, spectator, lean forward, peep out 1- deceived: when you hide the truth from someone, that person is..... 2- mislead: The government makes us believe the facts which are not true. They....... 3- representative: someone who speaks on be half of others. I think our class is small. I ask Ozlem to go the manager and talk about this problem on be half of us. She is our........... 4- Tension feeling of nervousness before an important event, stress Drilling the pronunciation and stress of the V.

Pre Listening activity (3-5 minutes) • To divert students attentionand make them ready for gist task

I show the students a slide of the Bosch painting on the board and ask the students to look at it very carefully and write three things they find interesting about the painting. I ask them to compare their ideas in pair. I monitor them and guide them to pay attention to detail such as who are the people? where the event is happening? what is it all about? pay attention to colors and expressions

Listening for gist (3-5 minutes) • To practice and check the fast listening and compare their ideas with what they listened

They listen to the audio and compare their ideas with what they have written. I run a quick feedback. What is the name of the painting? who is the painter?Is it his best painting? What is it about?

Listening for detail (7-10 minutes) • To improve students L skill by asking them to answer detailed question while listening

I give them HO from course book. Give them a minute to read the question and understand what detail they need to notice while listening. I play the audio for the second time. Give them 3 minutes to answer the question and check the answers in pairs. Monitor them if they would need to listen one more time. While they compare the answers I display them on the board for them to check. I ask if any of them have noticed any interesting detail about the painting and wants to share with others.

Vocabulary presentation (3-5 minutes) • To focus on lexis and drive the meaning out of the text

I ask them if they can guess the meaning of the lexis chunks underlined shown in the slides. 1- I went on a wild-goose chase all over the town looking for that adapter until I discovered they no longer make them. wild goose chase: an absurd or hopeless pursuit, as of something unattainable 2- David Copperfield is famous for leading on audiences with his controversial and amazing magic tricks. to mislead, to try to make someone believe a lie. to encourage with the illusion of a romantic relationship. 3- When she planned to buy this villa I advised her to ask for a trusted lawyer but she was not sure if she would really need to spend on a lawyer but when i ask how she makes sure that she will not be taken for a ride by the brokers, she kept quiet and did as I said. (informal) to cheat or deceive Adobted: 4- No doubt there were angry phone calls last week from those writers who may have felt the company had led them up the garden path with its hints and spin (informal) to mislead or deceive a person 5- The bureaucrats in the government usually give the media the runaround. (informal) if sb gives you the runaround or if you get the runaround from sb, they deliberately do not give you all the information or help that you want, and send you to another person or place to get it. Adopted:

Follow up (7-10 minutes) • To use the TL and lexis in language production process and practice fluency of the TL

I ask the students to sit in the group and give each group a set of 4 questions and ask them to discuss it in the group and note their ideas. I give them sufficient time and monitor them carefully. Later I will run a quick feedback.

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