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Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, students learn how to get a general understanding of the listening. Furthermore, how to understand detailed information (scanning). And they learn some vocabularies based on the listening. In the end, they have a speaking part related to the text.


Abc Worksheet and audio file

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about What Kevin says and try to number the photos in the order that they are mentioned. And answer the questions. in the context of English food, restaurant

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of International restaurants


Pre-text (2-4 minutes) • Activate background knowledge, preteach vocabulary.

I ask Ss have you ever tried English food? what do you think of it? then I ask have you ever tried a trifle (English dessert, made with fruit, cake and cream) then I explain it. Then I give an example that my father is open to every new food. Then I elicit the meaning of it.

While-text (14-20 minutes) • First listening (gist), second listening (detailed)

1- I introduce Kevin and his job, then I give them the instruction that they have to listen to the audio and try to number the photos in the order. Then we check them together. 2- We read the questions and I want them to listen again and answer them, then, they should check them with their partners. And check the answers together. Furthermore, I play the audio and after some vocabulary or expressions I pause to elicit the meanings. (have a very sweet tooth, cater, from every point of view, the unsocial hours, atmosphere, understanding).

Post-teach (4-6 minutes) • Production

i put them in pairs and pose some questions: 1- What kind of restaurants are there in your town? what nationalities do they represent? 2- What are they like? 3- What kind of people usually go there? and why? I want them to discuss the questions, then I get feedback from them.

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