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Teaching Practice 2
Elementary/ A2 level


In this lesson sts learn how to make and respond to invitations (functional language). After setting a context (HOs with sample invitations) and pre-teaching vocabulary, they will work in groups and make lists of places where they invite people to. Then they will listen for gist followed by 2questions first checked in pairs then in the WC. After that, sts will try to fill in the blanks in sentences from the listening. To check the answers they will listen again for the detail. To practice a new functional language I will write disappearing dialogue on the WB and then practice it with the WC. Finally sts will be given a week schedule that they will have to fill in by inviting each other to different places.


Abc answer the questions
Abc gap-fill

Main Aims

  • To present and practice functional language to make and respond to invitations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for gist and specific information. To give students speaking practice.


Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • to set the context for the lesson

I will show sts two invitation samples (birthday and wedding) in order to elicit vocabulary. I ll write on the WB invitation (noun) and invite (verb). I ll drill. To be sure they understand the new lexis I ll tell sts where I İnvite my friends to. Then I ll ask them to work in groups and make the list of 5 places where they invite their friends/family to. I will ask some of their ideas and I ll write given examples on the WB.

Listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • students practice listening for main idea, getting familiar with functional language

I ll introduce the characters to the sts. after listening I ll ask them to discuss the answers in pairs then I ll check with the whole class.

Listening for the detail (6-7 minutes) • to give students practice in listening for specific information

I will get sts in pairs and ask to complete the sentences. I will play the listening so they can check their aswers, after that WC check.

practicing and drilling (6-7 minutes) • to give sts confidence using new language

I will write on the WB simple 4 lines dialogue. I will divide class into two . One side reads A the other side B. I will gradually erase words from the board. Finally students will be able to practice the dialogue without any help.

speaking (10-12 minutes) • to give students a chance to practice the learnt functional language

Each student gets a weekly calendar with 'busy' and 'empty' days on it. Sts mingle and practice 'inviting' dialogue trying to find a partner to go out on every free day. All the blank days should be filled in. while monitoring the task I ll write down the mistakes sts ll make. After the task have finished I ll make whole class correction on the WB.

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