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How old is it?
Beginner level


In this lesson SS practice numbers (21-100) with their spelling. They also learn abut pronunciation and the word stress. The lesson starts with a warm-up which is guessing the age of things and famous people. This is followed by repeating number 20-70. Spelling of numbers will be practiced then. Additionally, word stress will be said and practiced. Finally, a listening exercise for specific information regarding the numbers will finish the lesson.


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Abc Straightforward beginner student book
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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of numbers (13 to 100)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice pronunciation of numbers and to provide practice of listening for specific information using a context of how old people and things are


Lead-in (1-2 minutes)

"hello Do you remember my name? How old I am?" ask 1 or 2 student's age

Pre-listening ex.1 (3-4 minutes) • To set the context of age of people and things

T shows some pictures of famous people (mostly Turkish) as well as things (world cup, house). After eliciting, T places the pictures on WB and write some numbers. SS in groups should match people to and things to numbers. Then T gives feedback on WB.

While-listening ex.1 (3-4 minutes) • To provide numbers 21-101

SS listen to Ex. 1 and repeat numbers together. T also asks some SS individually to check the pronunciation. T mentions one hundred is the same as a hundred.

While-listening ex. 2 (4-3 minutes) • To provide pronunciation and spelling of numbers

Ask SS match the words to numbers. Do the first as an example on WB. SS check their answers in pairs. Play the recording. SS listen, check their answers and repeat. T mentions for numbers more than 100 we use "and". Fir eg. a hundred and 2.

Post-listening (3-4 minutes) • To check spelling of numbers

Give SS a handout which has 8 numbers and they should write them down. SS check the answers with their partner. T gives answer key for FB.

Spelling (4-5 minutes) • more practice on spelling

SS work in pairs(Ex. 3). Student A says 5 numbers of the last ex or ex. 2 and student B write it down. Then SS change their roles. T monitors them.

pronunciation (3-4 minutes) • word stress of numbers

SS listen to the differences between numbers. Then they listen and repeat. T asks SS individually to check their pronunciation. T writes the numbers on WB. thirteen thirty fourteen fourty .......... ......... T shows stress on "teen" for numbers 13-19. Stress if on first syllable for 20-100.

Boardrace (5-6 minutes) • check the pronunciation

SS are divided into 2 groups. SS stand in 2 lines in front of WB. T reads a number, the first 2 people in line should write the number on WB. The students are told that the aim of the game is to write first with the most correct answers.Taking turns, a student from each group writes the number. Winner group is faster and has more correct answers.

Listening (4-5 minutes)

T sets the context by showing the pictures. SS guess how old they are. T says SS are going to listen to 4 conversations and they should match conversations to a picture. SS check the answers in pairs. T gives feedback on WB. T asks some questions for checking the understanding (how old are they?).

Jumping line (3-4 minutes) • To practice pronunciation

T divides SS into 2 groups. They stand in 2 lines. T explains when she says a number between 13-19 the should jump to the right. If the numbers are between 30-90 they should jump to the left.

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