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Seminar level


Looking at punctuation and how to use it easily


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Main Aims

  • getting them to feel more comfortable with using punctuation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • helping them understand how to use punctuation correctly.


Warmer/Lead-in (15-20 minutes) • why is punctuation important?

Ask them to go into groups and on a board, ask them to write down the different types of punctuation they know and ask them to write down how they would use them. You should give 8 minutes for this. After that, come back together as a group and go through what they have gone through and check that they understand how to use it correctly. spend 10 minutes on this.

Exposure (20-25 minutes) • punctuation race

They will be split into 2/3 teams and they will be given 8 punctuation symbols each depending on the level they think they are. The teacher will shout out number, and one of the students will have to run to the board and write a sentence including the word that is on their card. The sentence has to have at least 7 words, the correct punctuation, and everything is spelt correctly and the sentence is also correct. (When they are at the board if they are having trouble and do not know what is wrong they can ask the team to help) the teams are allowed to help as much as they like. The team that gets the sentence correct first wins a point. We go through all ten words and see who has the most points at the end. The team with the most points wins.

Useful Language (13-15 minutes) • put the punctuation in the correct place

in groups they will be given sheets and they need to put the punctuation in the correct place.

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